Verina Peplum Top

Verina Peplum TopVerina Peplum TopVerina Peplum TopVerina Peplum TopVerina Peplum TopVerina Peplum TopVerina Peplum TopVerina Peplum TopVerina Peplum Top

Shop Outfit: Peplum Blouse // Distressed Denim // Marc Jacobs Purse // Black Heels // Sunglasses // Black Watch // Similar Mint Earrings 

 Usually when I go in a store, I’m on a mission. Very rarely do I go in and browse, just to buy. As in, if I am going into a store, it’s because I am there for a reason. Aka -I’m a woman on a mission. 

I do this to try my hardest from impulse shopping because impulse shopping is indeed my worst enemy haha! But that is exactly what I did with this top, and I am okay with it! 

On my way home from spin the other day,  I stopped into Anthropologie to find this dress. I had been obsessing over it for awhile, so I thought I might as well stop in to try and find it, post spin stench or not. I knew it was going to be a stretch finding it in petite, but for some reason I just knew it would be in the store. Well, I was wrong lol, but it was okay, because the first thing I saw when I walked in, was this peplum top. The colors and material immediately caught my eye, even though it was folded up on the table. It was one of those “dang it, this is definitely coming home with me” moments but I was totally okay with it. I have been picking up more and more pieces like this one because it does have those  warmer tones. It’s also extremely light & flattering so #doublewin

Since we are transferring into fall (how do we have less than a month left of summer!? I am trying to plan out my posts for the next few months. So if you would take this questionnaire (2 Questions) at the end of this post, it would be the bomb. Super simple. Two Questions basically asking what kind of posts you would like to see from me in the next three months! So if there is a specific post you have been looking for, you can tell me here! 

In other news, I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Mine was a little different. We had an unexpected tragedy happen in my family, so I spent majority of the weekend with my Dad & my sister. I’m looking forward to this week though because it will be a short week for Colton and I. We are heading out of town for Labor Day (can you guess where we are going?!?) & I am so excited to just get away with him for a few days. 

Have a great Monday you all! 

&&& don’t forget to take this questionnaire ——-> Link to Questionnaire 



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