MyMakeupBrush Oval 10 PC Set Review

MyMakeUpBrush Oval SetMyMakeUpBrush Oval SetMyMakeUpBrush Oval SetMyMakeUpBrush Oval SetMyMakeUpBrush Oval SetMyMakeUpBrush Oval SetMyMakeUpBrush Oval SetMyMakeUpBrush Oval SetPhoto Details: Oval Makeup Brush Set // Cross Ring // Diptyque Candle

Hi-ya, guys! Welcome back 🙂

Today, I wanted to give you all an honest review on the Oval 10 Piece Makeup Brush Set from MyMakeUpBrush

MyMakeUpBrush sent me their best selling, 10 Piece Oval set, almost two months ago for me to try out. I waited so long to share it with you all because, well, I was hesitant. See, unlike most of the oval brush sets that are on the market, and selling for $300+, this set is less than $50. See my hesitation? None-the-less, I tried them out, and here is my honest review. 

Background: I am not a beauty guru. Literally, my make up routine is very basic. I do not do a ton of conturing and I like the less is more approach. So, if make-up is your thing and you are used to buying the top of the, top of the line brushes, then you will probably not like these brushes. Me on the other hand? I blended my foundation with my fingers until halfway through college….so I’m a little less judg-y. Although since then, I do have to say I have become more aware and more picky of what I use..

I shared with you all my everyday make-up routine, here, last week. So you guys know, that my favorite foundation is this Dior Air Flash foundation, applied by this brush. But that doesn’t mean I only use that foundation and that brush. Depending on the event, I also love the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation and the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. Before I received the Oval Makeup Brush Set, I was using a beauty blender to blend those two foundations, and honestly never love it. I know the whole world was raving about beauty blenders at one point, but I never fell in love with them. Which is why I was probably so open to testing these oval brushes. I had been looking at similar brands online for awhile but couldn’t bare the thought of spend $355 on a set. So when MyMakeUpBrush reached out to me, and I saw the price point, I thought, why not!?

My first impression: Not pictured, but they each came individually wrapped, placed inside a nice velvet carrying case. When I unwrapped my first brush, I was in love with how soft it was. I mean, I know most new brushes are soft, but this was like really soft and felt wonderful on my skin.

Thoughts on the application: I was absolutely shocked as to how well it covered my face and blended my makeup smoothly. Out of the 10 brushes though, I really only use about 3-4 of them daily. One for my foundation, one for bronzer, one for concealer and maybe one for eye shadow. 

How they have held up: Since they are lesser price point, my main concern was that they were going fray a little bit, but honestly, after two months, they have yet to fray or have pieces fall out. I’ve actually been really impressed. I also learned they are very easy to clean and after washing them, turn out brand as if new. 

Final Thoughts: I am not here to say “OMG YOU HAVE TO BUY THIS BRUSH SET. But, if you were like me and have wanted an oval brush set for awhile, but have been hesitant because of the price, then this is a great option. If you are a makeup artist and live/breath makeup brushes, you probably won’t like this set as much because, well, you’re a professional and I’m not lol. Final thought, I love my set and I could care less that I didn’t spend the big bucks on them. They give me great coverage and work well in my lifestyle. 

Have you tried the MyMakeUpBrush Set

What are your thoughts on this?



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