LA Tid Bits

LA TidBits - LA Travel Guide

First of all, can we talk about this view from the plane?? Literally breathtaking.

If Texas only had those hill…..

Any who, Hi Guys!! How are ya?

I thought I would take today to show you all a few tidbits from my most recent LA trip.

I told you all in this post how we recently just started doing these girls trips to LA and they have been just so much fun! You can catch our first one, here.

LA TidBits - LA Travel GuideOutfit Details: Ann’s Romper // Similar Romper // Haleys Romper (so cute!) // Purse

& yes, we keep going back to LA for a reason.

 Haley (far right) moved out there a year ago, so it’s been an easy destination for all of us to get together, without it being in Houston. We just got really lucky that she chose to move Los Angeles – lol

LA TidBits - LA Travel GuideLA TidBits - LA Travel GuideLA TidBits - LA Travel GuideLA TidBits - LA Travel Guide

Basically, the weekend was spent having lots (I mean lots) of wine, girl chat, shopping, happy hours and more girl chat. 

We also went to the most bougie places ever, like so chic, which is what I love! 

Put me on a patio, with great weather, palm trees and a bottle of Pinot Grigio and I am the happiest person in the world. My favorites places of the trip were The Kimpton Hotel Wilshire for roo top drinks, The Chateau  Maramont for a late lunch, Cecconi’s in West Hollywood for the best happy hour ever, and Ocean Prime for the best seafood dinner and atmosphere. 

LA TidBits - LA Travel GuideLA TidBits - LA Travel GuideOutfit Details: Mesh Leggings // Spanx Sports Bra (the best) // Haley’s Bright Pink Sports Bra // Ray Bans

Saturday morning, despite how we were all feeling from Cecconis happy hour. 

&&& yes, happy hour went that hard lol – don’t judge. 

We woke up, got dressed and hiked to the top of the Hollywood sign. Literally so cool, but so hard! Do not let anyone fool you, it was a lot harder than we expected haha but it was definitely worth it. The views were incredible. 

In general, California is just so freaking pretty. Like it’s honestly not fair how beautiful it is and how perfect their weather is. 

LA TidBits - LA Travel GuideLA TidBits - LA Travel GuideLA TidBits - LA Travel GuideLA TidBits - LA Travel GuideOutfit Details: Floral Romper // Similar Purse (almost sold out!) // Heels // Earrings //Ann’s crazy pants 

Sunday we made sure to head to Malibu. Originally we were planning on going to Nobu Malibu, but procrastinated in making reservations, so we went to The Malibu Cafe (seriously look check it out) instead! 

This place is so cute, so if you’re looking for something fun to do in Malibu, I highly recommend it! It’s just really chill, beautiful, has great food, a live band and is all outdoors. Literally my kind of place. 

But then again, that explains every place in LA – lol



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