The Beauty Device You Need In Your Life


I have told you guys this multiple times, but I really want to reiterate on the fact that I would never share something with you all, that I am not absolutely in love with. That if I am sharing something with you, it’s because I really do love it

Which is why I am sharing my newest obsession with you, this Luna Facial Cleansing Device by Foreo. 

When it comes to my skin, I am very particular and I am always looking for the best products – within my price range at least lol.  As you guys know, I use Caudlie. You can find my post, here!   I absolutely love Caudalie and my skin care routine, but I recently I have felt that something was missing from it!  Even though I was doing all of my steps, I still felt like my face wasn’t getting as clean as it could. Like I knew I wasn’t getting all of the dirt & make up off my face. For this problem, most people have told me to get a Clarisonic. The thing is, I’ve actually owned one for a few years and have just never been impressed. I mean, yeah, it works great, but I always found using it to be, well, a hassle.

I always felt like it held a lot of bacteria and I hated trying to clean it. I didn’t like how big it was nor how you had to charge it. Idk, it just wasn’t meant for me and has honestly been under my sink, untouched, for easily 3 years. 

Then when I saw this Luna Facial Cleansing Device, I knew it was what I needed. 

I’m just so obsessed with it. I have been using my Luna for about 3 weeks now and my skin has never been clearer. My pores are smaller, I have less bumps and less black heads. I swear it even helps when my face is swollen. I love it because it is so easy to use, as well as to clean. The Luna is made of a ultra-hygienic silicon brush, which essentially lets you clean it just by running water over it. It’s as if Foreo took every problem they saw with the Clarisonic and made the Luna. It also holds an insane charge and is water proof which is really nice when I wash my face in the shower. 

And ya’ll, this is not a sponsored post. Just 100% realness because it’s that good. 

Colton wants one, my sister won’t stop begging me for one and the moment I showed it to my girl friends over the weekend, they became just as obsessed. The Luna Sonic Cleansing Device really is the real deal.

If you have a Luna and love it, let me know! 

If you don’t have one, trust me and get one ASAP. Your face will be thanking you for it. 

Promise 🙂



7 thoughts on “The Beauty Device You Need In Your Life

  1. *Adds to cart*…but seriously. I’ve been wanting this for SO long and keep holding out. I’ve been using a Clarisonic for years but am never consistent with it and think it’s too harsh. Might just have to bite the bullet now!


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