Life to Lauren Home Tour

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Welcome to my home:) 

If you’re wondering if Colton actually lives in this girly palace, the answer is, yes.

Yes he does. 

This was my home for a year before he moved in, which meant it was my home to do as I pleased. At the beginning, I was very against us moving in together before marriage, but when the time came and he moved back to Houston, it was the best decision for us. 

Now it has been over a year, and we have resigned our lease. Since we are engaged and I guess he is here to stay…lol…. we have decided it is time to do some heavy redecorating. Which is why I am showing you our home before the transformation starts. My home, that I really have put a lot of work into, but I agree that change is what we need.  

Plus, I think it will be really nice to be able to look back at the photos in the years to come to see what my first apartment looked like. What my style was, how it has changed since then and etc. 

We live in one bedroom apartment near the Galleria, and it has been such a great home for us. It truly is a one bedroom apartment meant for a couple. Aka, it has a his & hers closet, two sinks, and a separate shower//tub. Let’s jut say even though I was a against it, I had Colton in mind when picking this place out. It is truly too good of a layout to give up, which is why we decided to stay as opposed to moving. 

When it came to decorating, I purchased most of my home decor and pictures from Z Gallerie and the rest of my small decor is mostly  from Home Goods. I love Home Goods. Basically, if I didn’t tag it below, it’s because it is from Home Goods.  My couch is from High Fashion Home in Houston and it has been the best couch. This is one item that will not be going anywhere. The white is a risky color, but it is a slip cover, so I can wash it any time it needs it.

My purple lounge chair is probably my favorite piece in my home and one that I cannot find any where to show you. It’s so comfortable, and it’s a pull out twin bed for guests. I bought it for $400 at a consignment shop my sophomore year and it has been the best purchase I have ever made. We are currently looking to get a slip cover customized for it because I am little over the purple color, but I’m not ready to give it up quite yet! Also, you’ll notice  that my coffee table is a liftable table. Meaning, the top part extends out like a tray. Which has been hands down the most used thing in our home. It makes eating on your couch more efficient than ever – lol. 

When it comes to decorating, it truly is a work in progress. It doesn’t happen over night. You pick up pieces as you go and eventually it all falls into place. 

Some pieces we will be selling or giving away. Starting with my Happy Cow picture in my living room. It was a spontaneous piece I bought when Colton first moved in and knew I had to at least get rid of the Wall of Lauren. I absolutely love it, but I know it has too many colors for whatever we are doing next! 

If you want to see how we made our bar cart for under $30, click here!

If you have any questions, just comment or shoot me an email! 



Art Work 

you-make-me-smile-750425092  choose fabulous  happy-cow-750362898  gray malin Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 3.26.04 PM donut worry

Furniture // Pillows

gold dot pillowcoffee table  floor lamp flower lampround table pillow


big book of chic  gold tray piggy bank Pineapples_updatedpink place mat buddah

Bar Cart

bar cart shot glass gold flute bottle opener

matches moscow mule coaster


pink rug  Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 3.36.33 PM  outdoor rug

13 thoughts on “Life to Lauren Home Tour

  1. I loooove your place! You did such an awesome job with this post. Love all of the personalized touches and artwork. I’m in the market for a good 1 BR in Houston right now and am taking all the inspiration I can get!


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