Christian Paul Watches

Christian Paul WatchesChristian Paul WatchesChristian Paul WatchesChristian Paul WatchesChristian Paul WatchesChristian Paul WatchesChristian Paul WatchesChristian Paul Watches

Outfit Details: Body Suit // White Jeans // Christian Paul Watch // Marc Jacobs Purse (on sale) // Sunglasses // Open-toe Booties 

Ready for an embarrassing story of mine? Good, because you’re about to get one 😉 

Last Friday, I had just done my white clothing in a load of laundry. I usually do not dry my white jeans in the dryer, but since I was in a hurry, I decided to dry them. When I went to put them on, they were super tight. So what did I do? A couple of stretches of course! You know, the basic lunge and awkward squat moves that all of us do to loosen up our jeans. Well, in the midst of this, I decided to get overly confident and try and do the splits. Why I thought this was a good idea, I HAVE NO IDEA. But I was in the moment & it happened. 

Next thing I know, I heard a rip. I wasn’t sure if it was the sounds of my heart breaking or the sound of my favorite white jeans ripping. None-the-less, they both happened. 

I ripped my favorite pair of white jeans & I was devastated ( & embarrassed). Not only was I super upset because I loved my jeans, but because I also knew that I would be styling my new Christian Paul Watch with them later that day. 

I had received this watch in the mail a few days prior and knew exactly how I wanted to show it off. Aka – in white my white jeans. 

I have been following Christian Paul Watches on Instagram for almost a year now and have been obsessing over them ever since. You guys know that I prefer simplicity over everything and that less in always more, and that’s exactly what their watches signify. They are simple, yet make a huge & chic statement. I especially love the marble ones

So when they reached out to partner with me, it was one of those “ummmm, duhh, of course!” moments. I am very picky when it comes to my watches but I love Christian Paul because they are truly timeless. Plus, I love a brand that isn’t in every single department store or outlet mall across the country. If you haven’t noticed in my Instagram, I have been wearing my new watch non-stop and have received just the right amount of compliments for me to know that it really is the perfect watch

In the end, I ended up finding my exact pair of jeans on sale, so this look turned out exactly how I intended. Finally pulling my whole look together, to show off my new Christian Paul Watch.  




Bondi MArble  silver:tan raw  elwood luxe    marble-collection-whitehaven-marble-43mm-1_compact_2x

Thank you Christian Paul  for sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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