Pajama Sets


Outfit Details: Pajama Set  // Mask // Quilt

When I was 8 years old, Miss Congeniality had just come out, and in one scene, Sandra Bullock had the cutest pajama set I’d ever seen. I immediately wanted to be just like her. Why this made an impact on me, I have no idea! But it did, and in that moment, I told myself that I couldn’t wait to be older and have a whole bunch of cute pajama sets for myself. 

To 8-year-old me, pajama sets meant that you were, in fact, an adult – lol. 

Even though that is clearly not the case, none-the-less, I have kept a little bit of that in me. Meaning, for some reason when I graduated college, I told myself it was no longer acceptable to wear boxer shorts and a sorority t-shirt to bed. That I was an adult and should have proper pajamas. 

I honestly have no idea where I came up with this, but I’ll always blame it on Sandra Bullock. 

In the past two years, I have bought more pajama sets than I know what to do with. I know that makes me sound literally insane, but I just love them. Mainly because they are always so soft, so comfy and I don’t feel like a slob in them. They make me feel like an adult when I am having the hardest of #adulting days. 

I recently picked up this set before the Fourth of July weekend and it has become my favorite ever since. 

BTW – in case you didn’t know, the Nordstrom’s Sale opened up to the public this morning! Here is my guide for all you ladies, and here is my guide for the men! I would get what you can before everything sells out, because it will sell out quickly! 

Have a great weekend loves! 



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4 thoughts on “Pajama Sets

  1. Plum Pretty Sugar has the CUTEST pajama sets! I’m not sure if you’ve ever checked them out, but it’s definitely worth it if you haven’t.

    Plus, their rompers make perfect bridesmaids gifts for getting ready the morning of the wedding😉 The sleep masks are pretty precious too!


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