Rules To Buying Dresses


Outfit Details: Tularosa Dress (more sizes)// Steve Madden Sandals // Similar Purse

When it comes to buying dresses, or any piece of clothing for that matter, I like to ask myself two questions. I look in the mirror and say, “Lauren, how many times can you wear this dress?”, and “How many places will you wear this dress too?”.

There is literally nothing worse than buying a dress you love, and then never being able to wear it. It’s honestly just so sad – lol. I feel so bad for those dresses! I mean, I feel worse for my wallet….but it’s just really sad to have a beautiful dress hanging in your closet, collecting dust, all because it either fits a little funny or you just don’t have a place to wear it.

This Tularosa Ryan Dress, is a different story though. When I first saw this dress, one of the girls at Baanoe was actually wearing it and she took it off to let me try it on. Literally such a doll, because I fell in love with it the moment I put it on. It was comfortable & flattering, so it was a no brainer that I would wear it a lot! I knew I had a few events coming up, so it would for sure get some use. In the first weekend, I wore this Tularosa Dress twice. The first time to Colton’s Papo’s Birthday, and the second to lunch with my dad for Father’s Day.

Since then, I have worn it more times than I can count!

It’s dresses like this that I don’t mind paying more for, for the mere fact that they will get so much use, and not just sit in my closet. So next time you’re in a dressing room, ask yourself those two questions before buying a dress. It will either save you a lot of money or make you really happy with your purchase. 



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