Post-College Apartment Must Haves

All of my new graduates out there, this one is for you!

You’ve just graduated and you have moved into your first “real” adult apartment, congrats!!!

This really is a super exciting time in your life, as your figuring out exactly what #adulting is and learning more about yourself than you ever did in college.

 I was so excited to move into my post-grad apartment. Thankfully, I was really into home decor in college, so I had many pieces that I was able to bring with me. But at the same time, there were a lot of things I needed to throw away in order to make room for the new. 

Now that I have been in my post-grad home for over two years, I believe I have a pretty good grasp on what was necessary to buy, and what was good to keep! Items that I love and use everyday. Of course you will want to buy those fun items for your place like bar carts, coffee table books, and etc., but these are items that you will actually need and will be thankful you have! 

Kitchen Items

  1. New Silverware, plates and glassware: In college, it didn’t really matter that you only used the plastic cups from the pizza joint down the street. I’m sure it didn’t even bother you that your silverware came from your older sisters first apartment. But as an adult, you will have people over more than you expect, and trust me, the first time you offer your guest a drink out of a plastic cup, you’ll immediately feel adolescent and a little embarrassed. Same thing goes for your plates. You don’t have to buy the most expensive set out there, but a new set of each of these is a must. 
  2. New Pots & PansMy first set of pots and pans were made up a whole bunch of old ones that my parents no longer wanted but couldn’t find themselves to throwaway. After four years of not being able to fully get my omelets off of them, I took the liberty to throw them away myself and invest in a nice set. You do not have to spend a lot on your new set though! I’m just saying new
  3. Ninja Bullet: In college, my roommate had an awesome Ninja that I, thankfully, was able to use everyday. When I moved out, I quickly realized I was going to need to buy one for myself. If your starting your new job, trust me, smoothies for breakfast will become  your new best friend. 

.. flatware  plates  glassware  pots pans  ninja

Living Room 

  1. Couch with a slipcover: I personally did not buy a new couch, but hear me out on this one. I was very fortunate, in that my dad bought me a brand new couch in college. Why he bought a college student a white couch, is beyond me. But the couch, none-the-less, was a slip cover couch, that meant I could wash it whenever I needed. If you were like Colton and had random couches handed down to you, or bought them off of a friend for $100, it’s time to invest in a new couch. An adult couch, one that won’t make your friends cringe when they visit from out of town and hear that they have to sleep on it. 
  2. Coffee Table: Some may disagree, but I beg to differ. You most likely do not have enough room for a full sized table in your apartment, so eating at your couch will happen more than you think. You and your guests will be thankful you have one. I’m obsessed with this marble one
  3. New throw blankets: If you were like me, your blankets in college went through a lot. From random people using them when crashing on the sofa, to dogs sleeping on them and more, it’s safe to say that you need some new ones for you and your guests. 
  4. A Neutral Rug: In general, I believe that a rug in your living room makes a space a home. It brings everything together. Because rugs can be, well…expensive, by choosing a neutral rug, you’ll save yourself from having to by one in the future when you decide to redecorate. I have this one

  …..Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 3.36.58 PM  marble table   blanket  memphis-white-rug  rug

 . ………..


  1. New Soap DispenserToothbrush Holder: These are items that I think tend to get pretty gross. Buying new ones and throwing out my old ones just made my whole bathroom feel clean and new. 
  2. Matching Towels: Like everything else in my college apartment, my towels were hammy downs from my parents home. In my new apartment though, I bought all new matching towels. 
  3. Bathroom Mats: Clean new mats will bring a whole new vibe to your restroom. Chances are, this bathroom will also be the one that all of your guests are using as well. New mats will instantly elevate the place and make it look more put together and clean. 

                  marble soap dispenser  Tooth brush holderTowels  bath rugs


  1. Full size mirror: I’m not talking about the flimsy ones that you hang on the door or wall, I mean an actual full sized, nice mirror. I personally got mine from Marshall’s and I love it!  
  2. New Bedding & Sheets: New Bedding, that fits your post grad-self and maybe didn’t come from out of a bag from Bed Bath & Beyond. I didn’t buy a new one, because I bought one my senior year, but if you have had the same bedspread throughout college, it’s time to get new ones! In terms of sheets, I am currently coveting silk ones

……………………….mirror  duvet  silk sheets


  1. Artwork: Artwork brings personality to your apartment and makes it yours. Unlike in college, this is your place. You have the opportunity to make it how you want it. To show your personality in any way you want! 
  2. Lighting: Different light fixtures will add depth to your apartment! Plus, the more light you have in a room, the bigger the room looks. 

you're okay  deer  flowers  pineapple lamp  gold lamp

What are your apartment must haves?? 



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