5 Habits I Need To Stop ASAP


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Hello Monday, why you always come so fast!

As Colton and I sat at dinner last night, we couldn’t help but reminisce on how great of a weekend we had. I went to spin, he golfed, I shopped, we went out with Baylor friends, as well as high school friends, we tried new restaurants, as well as visited older favorites. We cleaned, we organized, and we rested. It was the perfect amount of everything! 

Although as perfect as this weekend might had felt, lets getting something clear, I am not perfect – lol. 

I do not have a morning routine, I do not fully rest and prepare for my work week on Sunday’s, and I do not give every person in my life the attention they deserve. I also procrastinate when taking Bentley out in the mornings, but that’s a different story. 

So, due to my flaws, instead of telling you guys how great my daily routine is, I wanted to take the time to tell you all what I need work on. The things I am (currently) noticing I am doing wrong and are trying to work on!

If you have any suggestions on the following, please feel free to help a sister out! 

5 Habits I Need To Stop ASAP

  1. Reading emails when I am in no position to respond. One of my biggest problems, is that I’ll read an email when I am not able to respond. I will read an email while out & about, doing my daily life, and then completely forget to respond. This has cost me way to many opportunities, as well as makes me look inconsiderate. I have every intention to respond, it’s just that I forget…and that makes me look bad.
  2. Looking at social media before I go to bed, as well as right when I wake up. This is one of the habits I hate the most. Not only is it a horrible habit for my mind, but it also negatively shows me just how obsessed with social media I can be. 
  3. Reading texts messages when driving, or doing anything with my phone with driving for that matter. I know that this is terrible, but I have been catching myself doing this more than ever lately. Especially during intersections or traffic. Even though I am not technically driving, I’m also not 100% paying attention to the wheel. 
  4. Not relaxing on Sunday’s. Recently, I have felt like I have been treating Sunday’s as if they were Friday or Saturday night. Going all out or having a Sunday Funday if you need be. This leaves me exhausted and not even the least bit ready for the week to come.  Recently, come Monday morning, I have been more tired than usual, and this is all due to how I spend my Sunday’s. I really want to work on this one. 
  5. I press the snooze button every morning. At one point, post college, I was up every morning at 5:30 a.m., ready to conquer the day. But recently? Pressing the snoozer has been apart of my daily routine. Doing this, sets me back for the work day,as well as keeps me in a sleepy state all day long, as opposed to waking up energized. Pressing the snooze button confuses your body, never allowing it to wake up. So I desperately need to work on this! 

So there you have it, my 5 Habits I Am Trying To Break ASAP!

While I have many, many more, these are the ones I am working on as we speak. 

What are your habits? Help me with mine!! 



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