Classic All White

Life-to-lauren-white-dressLife-to-lauren-white-dressLife-to-lauren-white dressLife-to-lauren-white-dressLife-to-lauren-white-dress

Outfit details: similar top // skirt (on sale!) // similar heels // similar heels (so obsessed) // purse // Tory Burch Fitbit (crazy sale!) 

Happy Friday, love bugs! This week flew by so fast, and I am not complaining one bit. I wish every week were four day weeks lol. Here is a look I wore to dinner Wednesday night, when celebrating the blogs birthday! I felt incredibly elegant and pretty in it, so it was only natural that we stopped to take a few shots. I linked a similar pair of pumps above that are Ivanka Trump, and ya’ll…these pumps are beautiful and a great price ($76!). I mean, they look just like Manolo Blahniks. So classy. 

This weekend I plan on working on the blog a lot. Brainstorming new ideas & concepts to bring you guys the best work possible. Recently, I have had a few people go back to this post, to take my survey. While it’s surprising, it’s also extremely helpful! I know I have been slacking a little bit on the fitness & home decor section, so I am working on that. But in the mean time, if there is anything particular that you want me to share. Please let me know 🙂 

Well, that’s all I have for today! Have a great weekend and I’ll see you all Monday. 



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