Getting Down To The Basics


Outfit Details: Top // Gap Jeans // Rebecca Minkoff Purse // Red Lipstick // Kate Spade Watch // David Yurman 1,2,3 // Stuart Weitzman Heels (cheaper) // Ray Bans

Lets get down to the basics. Shall we? 

There are a few items in my wardrobe that make me, me. They are the pieces that my friends could pick out a mile away and say “that’s so Lauren” and I could probably do the same for them!

I’ve never been one to be over the top when it comes to my wardrobe. I prefer simplicity and firmly believe that less is indeed more. I love the classics and as the older I have gotten, I know exactly what I like and what I don’t like. Some may call that boring, or may think that makes me a bad fashion blogger but I think that’s what is so great about fashion. Whether you are more flashy, or more reserved, it’s YOUR style. It’s all about  what makes you feel great. 

It’s as simple as, I know what I like 🙂 

So here are my basics, my go-to’s & the items that will never leave my side.

David Yurman: You’ve probably noticed in my photos that I don’t link a lot of different kinds of bracelets. That’s because I don’t wear a lot of different bracelets-lol. Everyday, I wear the same three Yurmans on my right wrist. One, that my father gave me when I went to Baylor, another that Colton gave me on our anniversary, and one his family gave me when I graduated.  

Rings: This one has changed more recently, but only because of the engagement! Before getting engaged I wore the same four rings for years. My Baylor ring, a James Avery ring my sweet friends gave me for my 16th birthday, a Tiffany’s ring Colton gave me on my 21st and a peace sign ring that I bought when I was 12 and didn’t take off until I got engaged 🙂 

Classic Watch: Every single day, I wear the same Kate Spade two toned watch. It’s classic and simple and I love it. I sometimes wear this one, but on an average day, this is my baby. 

Nail Polish: On my nails I always wear shellac in OPI Alpine Snow. It goes with everything! Then on my toes, year round, no matter what I wear OPI Mod About You. One of my best friends, Tera and I fell in love with this shade a few years ago and now I won’t wear anything else! Everytime I get my nails done, Colton goes “Oh, look! You got something different…not!” Sorry? lol

Red Lips: I’m sure you guys have caught on to this by now lol bur red lips, are indeed my signature color. I LOVE a good red lip. My absolute favorite shade is the Mat YSL Red.  I probably have one in every single purse. Sometimes I will wear this pink in the summer, but the other 75% I wear this red. 

Basic Diamond Studs: My mom gave me these when I graduated from Baylor. They were hers and have a lot of sentimental value behind them, so wearing them makes me smile. As much as I like to wear dangle earrings, in all honesty, I can only wear them for maybe an hour. I have every sensitive ears. So on the average day, I wear my diamond studs!

Ray Bans:  I LOVE MY RAY BANS. In the past I have spent so much money on other sunglasses, yet I always reach for my Ray Bans. They go with everything and pull every look together. 

What are your favorite staples? 



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