Father’s Day Gift Guide

Gift Guid Details

1. New Shades // 2. Power Charging iPhone Case // 3. Personalized Multi Tool // 4. Sleek Drivers // 5. Portable Griddler // 6. Button Down Shirt // 7. Fun Socks // 8. Summer Inspired Tie // 9. Dad’s Brew House Bottle Opener // 10. Apple Watch // 11. Bose Portable Bluetooth Speakers 

When it comes to gifts, sometimes I feel like  Dad’s get the short end of the stick. Their presents are usually stereo typical “Dad” gifts, and deciding what he wants (& or needs) is a harder task than you would think!

My biggest obstacle is that, if my Dad wants something, he will usually buy it for him self. Then if I buy him something new, it’s the constant question of, “Will he actually use it”?

This list though, I believe is pretty full proof. All of these things he already has and loves, mixed with things I know he needs. For example, he loves his Griddler (like he uses it all the time!), his Bose speakers, or any kind of Bonobos shirt. Then I always look for things he may want or need. For example, something like an Apple Watch because….he is ridiculously unorganized -lol. But we’ll see, that may fall into the the “will he actually use it category”, LOVE YOU DAD !! 

Have a great Tuesday! 



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