Tips On Staying Fit While Traveling Abroad

 Before going on our trip, I knew that I wasn’t going to be eating the healthiest. I mean, the food here is incredible and when you’re traveling, it’s almost near impossible to stick to a healthy diet! I mean, helloooo, the worlds best pizza & gelato!? You’re not gonna not. 

As I have told you guys time and time again, in almost every situation, I always choose the healthier option. But when you’re traveling abroad, that is easier said than done.  

You have to live and experience, because it’s so important to do so!!! You have to allow yourself to indulge and enjoy your self. 

But does that mean I want to come back from my trip 15 lbs heavier? Not so much! I promise there are ways to enjoy yourself overseas with out putting all of your hard work to waste. 

Here are my Tips & Tricks for Staying Fit While Traveling Abroad. 

  1. Eat what the locals eat – in moderation. You’re in Greece? Have a gyro. You’re in France? Have a chocolate baggette! You’re in Italy? Have the pizza, try the pasta, and my goodness have the Gelato. It’s all about moderation. Like I said above, you balance your diet like a check book. If you’re having pizza, just have one slice. If you know you’ll be eating a lot that day, start out with a light and healthy breakfast. The key is balance and moderation. 
  2. Walk your heart out. One thing I have loved about our trip, is that we walk everywhere. We have been walking an average of 22,000 steps a day and it has been my saving grace. If a restaurant or museum  is only 15-20 minutes away, opt out of taking a taxi or subway and walk. You’ll be surprised as to how nice it really is. You see the city differently and really get a sense of the culture all while staying fit!
  3. Take the stairs. When working out isn’t an option, every little bit helps. Whether you’re taking the stairs in your hotel room or taking the stairs in the sub way as opposed to the escalator, take the stairs! Just keep telling yourself how toned your tush will be by the end. 
  4. Only eat half. While I’ve noticed the portions here, in general, are smaller then you’ll find in the U.S., when you’re eating poorly, always only eat half. I do this in general, but I have made sure to practice this here as well. 
  5. One piece of bread. While eating loafs of bread is never advised lol, that’s easier said than done! You’re there, your drinking the wine, having a good time, and when the waiter sets down the bread, it’s easy to get caught up in how much you’re having. So my advice, is to limit yourself to one. No more than one piece. 
  6. Vegetable at every meal. It’s easy to get caught up in all of the delicious food, but you cannot forget about your veggies! My rule of thumb is to make sure my veggies take up more of my plate than anything else. Make your veggies your main course and keep everything else to a minimum. 
  7. Try to keep up with your normal workout routine. This is the one that has been the hardest for me, but key word, I am trying. For the most part, every place we have been has had workout facilities. Not that they’ve had a ton of room, but you do what you can. No matter how much you’re walking, there’s just something about a great sweat sesh that can’t be replaced. 
  8. Slow down on the gelato. I know, I know, I told you guys to eat it! But hear me out. There is a lot and I mean a lot of sugar in gelato and it’s almost impossible to escape the treat in every city. My advice, is to not have one every single day. Make it a treat. You’ll enjoy it more that way anyways.
  9. Drink the wine. Ah, my favorite part! When it comes to your alcohol of choice, choose wine over beer or sugary cocktails. 
  10. Double your water intake. Drinking enough water over seas can be more difficult than you would think. It’s more expensive and it’s strange that your charged water at restaurants, but to keep your metabolism running, drinking enough water it vital. Plus, it will help to balance out everything you’re eating. 



One thought on “Tips On Staying Fit While Traveling Abroad

  1. Hey Lauren! Congratulations on you and Colton’s engagement!!! Tony and I are super happy and thrilled for y’all 🎉💍👰🏻🎩!!! So I just had a quick question, I know your on vacation in some of the Mediterranean countries and I was wondering if you have seen dandelion leafy green vegetables on the menu’s or being eaten locally?? I’m doing my masters research thesis on them and would love to hear about if southern Italians eat these in their diet or grow them or incorporate them in their meals. If you know any information that would be great!

    Thank you,

    Maricella Gomez ❤️


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