Memorial Day Weekend Style

 Details: romper // swim suit // Kendra Scott Earrings // Tory Sandals // Beach Bag (on sale!) // Espadrilles // Top // Shorts // Ray Bans // Hat 

Hey Guys, Happy Wednesday! 

Geeze Louise my service has been terrible. Some of you may have seen my original post, and some of you may have seen a skewed version of it, but all of my links should be working now. I finished this post last week, and I have no idea what was posted today….but I will tell you, it’s not what I planned! 

I think the hardest part of my trip is not feeling connected to you guys…

Like, how are ya’ll doing? Is your week going okay? Our trip is amazing, but it’s still weird not talking to you all every day. 

I’m sure you all are counting down the days until the three day weekend, and I don’t blame you! Memorial Day is filled with friends, family, red, white. blue and booze – lol.  I mean, how does that not sound fun?! Lol. If you have a busy weekend ahead, everything you could  possibly need is posted above! 

Anyways, it’s almost midnight here so I am heading off to bed! Literally falling asleep a we speak. 

I hope this guide helps you pick out everything you need for the weekend:) 



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