International Flight Must Haves

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Happy Fri-yay! Tomorrow is the day!!

 I’m so excited for this vacation that I doubt I’ll even sleep tonight – lol.

It’s been three years since my last trip to Europe, so I am just ecstatic to go back and be able to share the experience with Colton. Last time I was there, I was studying abroad & I had the time of my life, so I am just really excited to build these memories him, as well as with his family!

Any who, if you’re catching a red eye anytime soon, I linked all of my must-have items. These trips are long (On our way back our total travel time is 19 hrs!) so everything on this list will be your saving grace. 

You’ll notice a lot of the items are beauty products. I kind of tend to load up on beauty products before a long flight. Planes dehydrate the heck out of your skin so I bring everything with me to help me feel more fresh & alive, and not so much like a shriveled up prune. 

My International Flight Must Haves 

  1. Hydrating Eye Masks: I talked about these guys in this post and I can’t rave about them enough. When I am really sleepy, stressed or dehydrated, I really show it in my eyes. Like I am the queen of dark circles. So needless to say, after long flights, I can slightly resemble the grim reaper….but if I put these on about an hour before landing, I’ll look fresh and ready to go! It’s mind blowing to me the difference it makes in 30 minutes. 
  2. Passport Holder: Not that it is a must have, but I just think they’re cute and will come in handy when trying to find your pass port. Plus they will be great for holding things like metro tickets & more. They kind of become your everything holder. 
  3. Tinted Moisturizer:  On long flights, I refuse to wear makeup because I try to keep my pores as clean & clear as possible. So I carry a little tinted moisturizer with me to apply right before landing. 
  4. Nike Roshe: Comfy shoes are a must, and I love my Nike Roshes. You do a lot of walking in airports so there is no point in fussing with uncomfortable shoes. 
  5. Heavy Duty Luggage: This is my favorite luggage and I recently found covers for them to keep them from getting dirty! There are so many organization functions to these bags that it’s unreal. Plus, they are super chic 😉 
  6. Sunglasses: For when you get off the flight, you’ll definitely want a pair handy.
  7. Light Weight Cardigan: An absolute must in my book, especially for me because I am always cold. You literally never know what the temperature will be like on the flight, so having one just in case is always nice. 
  8. Joggers // Leggings: Which ever you prefer. I’m all about comfort here. 
  9. Books // Magazines: Whether you bring a book, read magazines or read on your iPad/kindle, having something to read is a must for me. You can only sleep & watch movies for so long. After a while you need something to stimulate your brain a little bit. 
  10. Head Phones: Maybe even a backup pair… I swear, I don’t know what it is about headphones and airplanes but I always seem to either forget mine, or lose them! 
  11. Sleep Mask: Recently I have been loving my sleep mask. It makes everything that much darker and will help you forget that you are on a plane. 
  12. Chargers: I put chargers in the same category as head phones. It’s like a I get on a plane and everything instantly dies.
  13. Hydrating Beauty Elixir: To spritz on your face either throughout the flight or just as you land to wake you up. I have raved about this elixir a million times on here because I love it that much. It wakes you up, sets your makeup, reduces the size of your pores and smells absolutely amazing. You could also your Rose Water. 
  14. Moisturizer: To apply throughout your whole entire flight. I know I keep emphasizing keeping your skin moisturized throughout your flight, but I promise when you try it, you will understand. 

***Not Pictured: My macbook (you bet your bottoms I’ll be getting work done on the flight 😉 ) as well as a large & practical carry on purse to hold everything. Just like this one (on major sale!), this one & this one! I also went ahead and linked them below!

Be sure to follow me on Instagram (@LifetoLauren) to follow along on our trip! As well as Snapchat (Lauren_smith6). I’m not sure how my reception will be while I’m there, but I’ll try to snap as much as possible!  Also I probably won’t be posting 5x a week but I am going to try to as much as possible! 



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