Mothers Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2016Tory Burch Bag // Gold Family Tree Necklace // Pink Ugg Robe // Pandora Charm // Essential Oils Diffuser // Fit Bit // Nike Air Max Theas // Best Mom Mug // Planter

Good Morning!

I’m not sure if you guys have heard me mention this or not, but I am extremely close to my mom. It wouldn’t be an understatement if I said she was my best friend. In past few years, I have really found myself just appreciating her more than I ever have and really viewing her as a person, and not just as “my mom”. I know that may sound silly, but it’s so true! As a child, I thought her main purpose was being my mom -lol but as an adult, you find a whole new respect for your parents in general.

As a child, I know she would have loved anything I made her. But as an adult, it’s special to me to be able to giver her something she really wants and/or needs.

While I don’t know your mom personally, I tried to combined a list of thoughtful gifts that any mom would love!

  1. A New Purse: No women is ever going to say no to a nice new purse. If you have the money saved up, a new purse is always a winner! She will love it and will think of you every time she wears it.
  2. Family Necklace: When I was little, I gave my mom a necklace that basically had me, my sister, and herself on it and she loved it. I’m pretty sure she wore it until in was no longer wearable. This particular family tree necklace is so cute and very up to date. If your mom likes sentimental things, this is a great choice!
  3. New Robe: I’ll be honest, I did not want to put a robe on here because it’s so stereotypical for mom gifts… but in all realness, this is the softest robe I have ever felt in my entire life. When I felt it the other day at Nordstrom’s, my first thought was “omg, my mom would love this.” So I thought it was perfect for this list.
  4. Pandora Charm: If your mom loves Pandora, gift her a charm for her bracelet! Colton’s mom used to love her Pandora bracelet. If this is your mom’s thing, then try finding a charm she doesn’t have that will remind her of you!
  5. Diffuser: Because diffusers are sweet. Like I am so obsessed and probably so is your mom. There’s a pretty good chance your moms passed by one of these bad boys every time she’s gone to Bed Bath & Beyond recently, so she’ll be thrilled to have one of her own!
  6. Fit Bit: I’ll tell you right now, these new Fit Bits are bomb. It’s literally the perfect gift for any mom that is wanting to step up her fitness game. With the old fit bits, to be able to check them, you had to have them synced with your phone. But not these bad boys, everything you need is right there on the monitor.
  7. New Fitness Shoes: This goes in the same category as the one above. If your mom is trying to be more active, giving her a trendy new pair of kicks will get her excited for her new workouts.
  8. Gift Basket Mug: Repeat after me, do not just get your mother a mug. Your mom did not sacrifice everything in the world for 18+ years for you to give her a mug. BUT. Get her a mug and fill it with goodies. Gift card to her favorite store maybe? A card to a spa day, perhaps? You know what she likes.
  9. Planter: If your mom is a big gardener like mine is, then this is a really sweet option. It may sound weird to most, but I love the idea of planting something, for example, really pretty flowers and giving it as a gift. It gives the same effect as you buying her a bouquet, but it shows you put more work into it rather than just buying flowers from the floral department.

In the end, your Mom is going to love anything you get her, because, well, she is your mom. Shower her with loves this Mothers day and show your appreciation!



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