5 Items I Buy Every Week From Whole Foods

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My weeks can be (are) crazy. No week is the same and most of the time I am running around like a crazy person trying to get everything done, in a perfect matter of time. Every Sunday, I like to look at my schedule and see what Colton and I’s week will look like. We plan out what night we are doing dinner with either of our parents; what night we have kick ball; what night I have a dinner meeting or blogging event; what evening I am walking with my mom and what night he plays hockey. Aka – our weeks are usually pretty jam packed. While I try to cook at home as much as possible, sometimes I know it’s just not an option.

When I do cook, I base my meals off of this grocery list, but no matter what, when it comes to buying my weekly groceries, there are five items that I cannot live without. They may sound silly or pointless to you, but to me, they are vital for a smooth an easy going week. 

  1. Bananas: Colton and I both eat a banana a day (if not more!). I use them in everything from my morning oatmeal, to my after workout smoothie. I use them to make cookies, muffins, my banana poppers, and more. So basically bananas are vital in our kitchen! 
  2. Wine: Because…..well…wine? LOL jk, but in all seriousness, I always buy a bottle of wine to have throughout the week. I never know who may be stopping by, so I always like to have a bottle on hand. Right now I am loving Freak Show Cabernet and so far I can only find it at Whole Foods! It’s about $15 and it is incredible! 
  3. Fresh Squeezed Grapefruit Juice: When I make my Skinny Pink Detox Drink, this is the item I seem to run out of the most, so it’s always a weekly buy! But remember, key word fresh! Not the nasty juice you find in the juice aisle. I’m talking about the fresh squeezed stuff you can find right there, next to the juicing department in Whole Foods. So fresh, so good, It’s the best
  4. Flowers: When weeks are crazy, it’s nice to come home to fresh flowers. They are a staple in my living room and if I didn’t have them on my coffee table, it just wouldn’t feel right. I think that fresh flowers can take any regular house and make it a home. So by keeping fresh flowers in my house, it makes me feel put together, even on weeks when I may not be. 
  5. Almond Butter: Guys, I’m not joking when I say that I am probably made up of 75% almond butter. I LOVE IT &&& I eat way too much of it. I love the kind from Whole Foods because they have a machine where I can freshly grind it right there by myself. Since doing this, I will never buy regular almond butter again. The real stuff just taste so much better. Central market has this machine as well, but it just doesn’t taste the same as Whole Foods! 

Do you guys have silly staples that you cannot live without?!



3 thoughts on “5 Items I Buy Every Week From Whole Foods

  1. Love love love this blog post!! I keep telling myself I’m going to check out whole foods but it’s on the other side of town from me. I have gone there for flowers though. They’re the best there!! You are super cute too, I think you’re my new favorite person! For sure going to start reading your blog. Cheers!



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