How To Order Healthy At Brunch

 I love brunch. I know, so #basic of me, but I can’t help it! There is nothing I love more then sitting outside on a porch getting boozie off carafes with my girl friends.

I mean, how does that night sound like a good time?!

Anyways, even at brunch, I order the healthiest thing on the menu. Sure, I’d love to have waffles or biscuits & gravy – but I also know that it’s not worth it to me. Just because I chose to make the more health concusious choice does not mean I am missing out. So the first thing I do at brunch is immediately scan the menu. Then I make my selections accordingly.

  1. Pick your drink of choice lightly because liquid calories add up fast. I usually try to skip the Mimosas and Belinnis.  I know the carafes are cheaper…. but they’re only cheaper because they are filled will artificially sweet orange juice and almost no champagne. So I usually pick to sip on Prosecco (typical glass runs about 84 calories) a glass of Rose or Pinot Griggio. Don’t forget to drink a lot of water!
  2. Stray away from dessert for breakfast. Everyone loves pancakes and waffles but majority of these meals have enough fat and calories for your whole days worth of food.
  3. Make eggs your bff. I love eggs, I mean love. They’re also great for hangovers. I usually like to choose egg whites, but remember egg yolks are not bad for you in moderation! For extra protein I’ll ask for one egg with 2 egg whites.
  4. Choose bread wisely. This goes for everything fried, as well as all sandwiches and wraps. Instead look for multigrain options or sprouted breads. All about those complex carbs!
  5. Go for Lean Meats. Skip the bacon and sausage and instead choose options like smoked salmon, turkey bacon/sausage, or even chicken if available!
  6. Substitute your potato sides for fruit. You’ll save about 35 grams of (bad) carbs, and 200 calories.
  7. Be mindful of the oatmeal // yogurt & granola choices. Most restaurants will have this as a “lighter option” but with all of the loaded on extra amount of sugar, you might as well be getting the pancakes.
  8. Build Your Own Omelet: When building an omelet, I choose an egg white omelet with lots of veggies, light cheese, and a lean meat from the selection above.

Dishes I’ll never choose: Eggs Benedict; Huevos Rancheros, Chicken and Waffles, Biscuits and Gravy Stuffed French Toast, Hash Browns, Cinnamon Rolls.

Ideal Brunch Option: Whole grain toast topped with mashed avocado & egg whites. With a side of smoked salmon and fruit cup!

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