Complimenting Each Other


My Outfit: Saylor Dress (on sale!!!!!) // heels // earrings // purse  // Kendra Scott bracelet

Colton’s Outfit: Peter Millar shirt /// Bonobo pants // shoes // socks 

Photography: Lauren Beatty Photography

Happy Hump Day! 

I’m excited for today’s post because it features my other half and the man behind the camera, my boyfriend, Colton! This whole “blogging” thing wouldn’t be possible without him, so it’s super special to me when he is able to be in a post! 

I always joke around that Colton is my favorite accessory. I joke, but it’s honestly so true! Like I get just as excited about buying him clothes, as I do buying myself clothes – lucky him lol!!

Since we’ve been together for almost 5 years now (eek!) this may sound silly, but Colton and I have mastered complimenting each others outfits. Key word complimenting & not matching! I hate the word matching because we’re not trying to look like Britney and Justin circa 2001 in all denim-ha!

We just like to represent each other well, does that make since? Say what you want, but I always feel like a power couple when we do this. Plus, it’s perfect for photo ops. 

So! With it being wedding season, engagement season, season for graduation pictures and more, I thought this post was extremely appropriate. You want to look good in your pictures, and complimenting each others outfits is the first step. These few rules will make you two picture perfect in no time. 

Tips for Complimenting Each Others Outfits

Pick A Vibe

Here’s the deal, if I’m in a white sundress, there’s no way Colton is going to dress in his all black leather jacket. Those are way two different vibes. So picking your vibe is the first step. Are you doing a sporty vibe, a spring look vibe, an L.A. leather jacket vibe, or a beach vibe? The choice is yours. But pick one. I do this with my friends too-lol!  Like usually if we’re all going out, we all try and go for the same vibe. It just makes for better pictures!

Pick A Color Pallet 

Are you wearing blues, neutrals, all black, or brown? This goes right in hand with the sundress and leather jacket example.  You’ll notice in the pictures above that we chose a light blue, brown, and neutral color palette. An easy way to do this is to coordinate his shoes/belt with your purse/heels. Since Colton wore brown shoes and a brown belt, I wore a neutral heel instead of black. 

Pick One Print & One Solid 

One person should wear a print // pattern and the other person should wear a neutral. Not both at the same time. If you’re both wearing a solid, they’ll clash and potentially wash you guys out. Then if you’re both wearing prints, it becomes distracting. So one person wearing a print and one person wearing a solid is optimal. 

Also, pick your solid based off of one of the colors in the pattern or pick a pattern based off the color of the solid! Then that’s it! 

Pick His Outfit After Hers

This one should be a no brainer! She is the show stopper of this charade and probably put the most work into her outfit. So boys, before you start picking out what you’re going to wear, let her get ready first and then plan accordingly! 




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