Where I Save & Where I Splurge

As a still newish graduate (how long can I say this for??) deciding on what is worth my money is a tricky department. Do we buy a new pair of shoes or do we want to eat this month? The decision is yours – lol.  None-the-less, we’re young and we all spend money on things we probably shouldn’t.

I try to save on trends because I know they will fade. Fringe, tassel sandals, poms, overalls, bright pink pumps, large statement jewelry. These will all eventually go out of style. When it comes to saving on trends, I aim to spend less than $100. Trends are Temporary….so there is no reason to break the bank over them.

But when it comes to the classics, I am more likely to spend the money because they will last me forever. Depending on what it is, to me, splurging is spending $150 – $600. Maybe in the future I’ll splurge on higher priced items….but like I said….I’m a newish graduate….so that Prada purse is going to have to wait. None-the-less, the pieces I “splurge on” are remarkable pieces that will never go out of style. They’re all still classics.

I’ll admit it though, I’m not a saint on this “splurging // saving ” list -lol. Ya’ll read my blog, you know what I buy! But in general, this is a great round up on what I think is worth your money. So if you’re deciding on a pair of shoes to buy or if you’re deciding if that pink satchel is worth it, refer to this and then decide!



Save: Leopard Purse $35 // Pink Bucket Bag $58 // Bright Yellow Purse $95 // Fringe Purse $28

Splurge: Dark Brown Leather Purse $535 // Black Leather Purse $295 // White Leather Purse $595

Save: Save on the bright colored purses, festival satchels, the trending bucket bags, evening clutches and leopard clutches. These are all pieces you’ll only wear once and most likely will not wear in 5 years.

Splurge: Splurge on classic leather purses. Splurge on the purse that will go with every outfit and that you will use for a life time. The purses that won’t wear & tear on you. These purses are your “go-to” and  your forever, so invest in them.


savesplurge dress

Save: Off The Shoulder Dress // Striped Dress // Pink Dress $46 // Long White Dress $68

Splurge: Appropriate LBD $385 // Blue Floral Dress $180 // White Easter Dress  $118// Smoke show LBD $117

Save: Save on the vacation dresses, your one time event dresses, and your girls weekend to Vegas dresses. These are all dresses that in time, will fade and you will no longer want to wear them. Or you’ll just grow out of them and/or lose interest in them.

Splurge: Splurge on the dresses that you will wear a thousand times. These are the dresses that you will gravitate towards forever. Always invest in dresses that make you feel awesome. I firmly believe that all girls should invest in four special dresses. (1) The appropriate day-to-night LBD, (2) the smoke show LBD, (3) the perfect little white dress for every Easter, Bridal or Baby Shower you attend, and (4) your go-to event (wedding guest) dress.


savesplurge jewelry

SAVE: Layered Necklace $42 // Kendra Scott $55 // Large Bauble Necklace  $68// Tassel Earrings  $28// Bauble Earrings $36

SPLURGE: Pearl Earrings $300 // Diamond Earrings $575 // David Yurman $550 // Diamond Necklace $595 // Kate Spade Watch $225

Save: Save on the large baubles, the tassel earrings, festival jewelry, and for goodness sake, save on the Kendra Scott.  I love Kendra, but do not go broke over her jewelry. In all realness, it’s (super super cute) over priced costume jewelry. There are way more memorable pieces you should be investing in.

Splurge: Splurge on, once again, the timeless pieces. Invest in the pearl earrings, David Yurman, a beautiful pair of diamond stud earrings or diamond necklace. Splurge on the watch that you will wear to work everyday. These are the pieces that are actually worth your money because you will wear them from the time you’re 20, to the time you’re 50.


save slurge shoes

Save: Floral Sandal $97.95 // Gladiator Sandal $99.95 // Colored Pumps // Red Fringe Sandal $129.99 // Basic Sandal $99.95

Splurge: Manolo Blahnik Black Pumps $695 // Stuart Weitzman Sandals $398 // Kate Spade Nude Pumps $298 // Tory Burch Flip Flops $195 //  The every outfit bootie $395

Save: Save on that trendy shoe you know you’ll only wear once. The shoe that will probably go out of season in less than three months. When it comes to saving on shoe trends, I really try to spend less than $130, which I know is still a lot, but with shoes I will spend more, because of comfort.

Splurge: Splurge on the shoes you can wear with every outfit. The staple black & nude pumps, the sexy nude sandal that you can wear with literally everything, a nice flip flop you won’t feel grungy in, and a nice bootie that you can wear with dresses or jeans.

What do you guys like to save & splurge on? Do you agree on this list!?




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