How To Get Vacation Body Ready


  shorts // swimsuit // hat // sunglasses

If you ask me, there is a big difference between getting vacation body ready, and bikini body ready.

Technically, I am getting bikini body ready everyday by working out and eating healthy. But when it comes to getting vacation body ready, I like to step my game up. Not because I want to have a six pack in my vacation photos, but because I want to enjoy my vacation!

Does that make sense? Let me explain.

In May, I’m going on a two week vacation with Colton’s family, and I do not want to stress about what I’m eating the entire time I am there. So now that we are two months away from our trip, I am stepping my game up. Yeah, I want to look good in my swim suit, but I also want to be able to enjoy myself there and not stress over what I am eating the entire time.

So I prefer to go into vacation in tip top shape, just to give me a little lee way while I am there. I do this every time I leave for vacation and it has worked wonders for me!

So Here’s How I Get Vacation Body Ready.

  1. Continue to do BGG and continue to eat clean. I work out 6x a week with 1 rest day.
  2. Cancel out all white carbs. I rarely eat white carbs, but I am definitely known to have a bite of Colton pizza, have a few fries, or even a little sliver of a the dinner tables desert. But when getting vacation ready, I like to cut out all of this.
  3. Stop eating 3 hours before bed – which means no late night binge eating. I usually go to bed around 10:00, so I have been making sure dinner is ready no later than 7:00. Some times this is inevitable, but I really try!
  4. Peppermint Tea before bed. Peppermint Tea helps aid in digestion, and boosts your metabolism while you sleep, so it’s the perfect drink to have before bedtime.
  5. No cheat meals on my rest day. Sunday’s are usually my rest days, and more recently have become my more indulgent day due to Sunday Brunch. But during this period I will make sure to plan my rest days and cheat days on different days.
  6. Very small portioned dinners. During this time I really make a point to have a big breakfast and nutrition filled lunch so that my dinner is smaller.
  7. Drink one glass of water before every meal.
  8. No alcohol Monday – Wednesday.
  9. No sugary alcoholic cocktails. I stick to red wine, dry white wines or vodka waters.
  10. Step up my veggie game. Meaning majority of each meal will contain more veggies than anything else!

Also, the picture above was taken at our Miami trip last summer, and you can check that post out here –> L to L Takes Miami



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