The One Statement Bag You Need This Season


shorts // top:old (similar; similar; similar)// purse // heels:old (similar; similar)

Good Morning Everyone!!!

I hope you all had an absolutely, fabulous weekend. I know, we sure did! If you’re from Houston, you know that the energy in Houston this weekend was unreal. From the Final Four being in town, to the Shell Houston Open, the city was jam packed with events.

Somewhere along the line, Colton and I decided that we were going to take part in both the events….which was the best decision we ever made! We spent Saturday downtown for the Final Four Festival and all day Sunday at the Golf Tournament. Which means as I write this, I can barely keep my eyes open from my exhaustion-lol!

I had a different post planned for today, but after the weekend, it just didn’t seem right! One topic that kept coming up amongst friends this weekend, is how we all view Monday’s. Everyone places Monday in such a negative category, when in reality, we should all really be looking forward to it. Yeah, the weekends rock, but Monday morning brings you a fresh start. It’s the first day of the week where you get the opportunity to really kick some booty. It’s your opportunity to wake up and have a fresh start. So I for one, no matter how tired I may be, am waking up this Monday with the most positive outlook possible. If you want some ideas on how to make your Monday 10x better, click here!

In other news, I bought this purse a few weeks ago when I found out Nordstrom’s was price matching (they still are!), and it was such a steal. It has officially become my favorite purse of the season. I thought my favorite purse was this one, but no, this new little yellow beauty takes the cake.

I wore it all weekend long, to every event and it was so cute!! It effortlessly makes a statement, if that makes sense!? None-the-less, it literally goes with everything! So basically if you’re looking for a purse to steal the show this season, this one is it! Also I want to apologize that this shirt is sold out….. when we shot this I didn’t realize it, so I am truly sorry! As soon as it’s back in stock I will let you all know!



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