March TidBits

Ahhh Friday, we meet again!

Every year, February – April are very slow for Colton and I. It’s our down time where we spend a lot of time at home in Houston. I know I am really going to miss these past few months once May hits, because I have little-to-no down town after that! 

Any who, here are just a few Tidbits from my March! 


Cheese and wine for the season finale of The Bachelor. I always had a feeling that Lauren B was going to win… But after she finally did, I just felt like it wasn’t right…. Did anyone else feel that way??


Outfit Detailes: here

One of my favorite things about March is The Houston Rodeo. This particular night, we went to see Chris Young and for some reason, prior to going, I couldn’t think of any of his songs. Then when the concert came on, I knew every song he sang – lol!


I made my snap chat  public for you all & so far I love how much I am able to connect with you guys! 🙂 If you aren’t following, make sure you do! I love it because its real, and unfiltered.


One Friday we got to backstage to see Colton’s childhood friend and incredible DJ – Kayzo. It was my first time watching an entire show from backstage and it was super cool!



top (fav & on sale!) // jeans // purse // heels // sunglasses

The rest of that weekend I spent shopping with my sister. (She wants everyone to know she took the picture of me above-lol!)

Then we also got Sunday Brunch at Baba Yega! I wrote about Baba Yega, here! It’s our favorite spot to get boozy on Sunday’s.


The cutest little pointy toe flats that I picked up from Nordstrom’s! 


A little shopping at my favorite Houston boutique – Baanoe!


Smoothie Bowls for the win! I have been obsessed with them recently.

For this one I used, this recipe!


That next week I went to a fashion show at Neiman’s with Dede from Dress Up Butter Cup. It was a super cute event put on by Tidbits where I was able meet a lot of fellow bloggers and learn more about this seasons trends! 


That Saturday I had a miniature spa day at Fiori Spa.  It’s my favorite place to get a massage in Houston. The grounds there are beautiful, and no matter what you get, big or small, you can use their facilities all day long.


After weeks of talking about it, Colton and I finally tried The Kitchen at The Dunlavy and it was better than I could have ever imagined! This was one the places on my Spring To-Do list! To avoid the long lines, my advice is to get there before 11:00!!


pants // purse

The next week I went to another event with Dede and The Tiny Two Talk for Runway Houston! 


Then Easter weekend, we spent that Saturday car shopping and lounging on the patio at Brasserie 19.


Gorgeous Tulips I picked up for Easter.


dress (cheaper $45)// purse // old Manolo’s (similar) (cheaper // cheaper)

My outfit for Easter Sunday!

March was a lot of fun, and we stayed super busy, even being at home……but I’m super excited to see what April brings us!!

Have a great weekend!:)



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