My Beauty Regimen with CAUDALÍE


Some where around the time of my senior year at Baylor, I started to become a little obsessive over my skin. Maybe it was the stress of school or even just the stress of graduation approaching. But none-the-less, somewhere around this time, I started to notice a change in my skin, and not for the better. 

From there my search began. According to almost every beauty expert, your early twenties is the time when you should really start to take care of your skin. That your early twenties  are the make it or break it years. I for one, never want to look old. I dream of not looking a day over 38, at 60 – lol. So when it comes to looking for a skin care line I like and trust, I did not take the matter lightly. 

When looking for a skin care products, I look for a few things. I want a cleanser that leaves my face feeling fresh & pure; I want a eye cream that takes care of my dark circles & puffiness; I want a serum that corrects blemishes and helps to fight against aging; and I want a moisturizer that not only repairs my skin while I sleep but leaves my faces feeling moisturized throughout the night. 


I’ve used brands in the past that were great, don’t get me wrong! But after switching to CAUDALÍE something about my skin changed, but for the better this time. Another thing that I love about CAUDALÍE, is that their products are natural and made from grape seed oil. You guys know I love my grape seed oil already, so this was a double winner for me! 

So lets break down my favorite products, shall we? 


Instant Foaming Cleanser: Your basic (yet not so basic) cleanser. It’s main ingredients are extracts of grape, sage, chamomile, so #winning. My face feels so fresh & awake after using this cleanser. It’s as if all the dirt from the day is immediately extracted from my face after every use. Double points if you use it with a clearsonic. I use this morning and night, and sometimes more depending on the day! 


Vinoperfect Radiance Serum: I have two key favorites in the CAUDALÍE line, and this is one of them. Some products take up to a month for you start to notice a difference, but not this serum. I started to notice a difference after 3 days! Just like it says in its name, this serum will literally make your skin radiant. It’s helped with sun spots, and has completely evened out my skintone. It has helped to make my pores appear smaller too. I think what I love the most though, is that when I put it on my face, it feels like I am putting liquid silk on my skin. I put this on morning and night after cleansing my face. 


“Premier Cru” Eye Cream: I don’t know if I have told you guys this before or not, but I get really bad dark circles under my eyes. Especially in the mornings. Which is probably due to the fact that I sleep on my face….but that’s not the point. This eye cream has been a life saver. It moisturizes and firms the skin under my eyes. It also makes the dark circles and puffiness fade away and instead leaves a brightening affect. I will be honest though, this did take about a month for me to notice a difference. It’s also a little more pricier than the others, but the bottle will last you almost a year! I put this on morning and night after the serum. 


‘Polyphenol C15’ Anti-Wrinkle Fluid SPF 20: Oh, I love this stuff! I have only been using this daily moisturizer for about 3 weeks but I love it already! Before I was using this cream, and it just wasn’t doing anything for my skin. But this moisturizer is everything. Not only does it smell beautiful, but it’s light enough to wear under my make-up. Double points that it has SPF in it and is also fighting against wrinkles. I apply this moisturizer every morning, after my eye cream, before I put on my make-up. 

‘Premier Cru’ La Crème Rich Ultimate Anti-Aging Rich Cream: This moisturizer is the creme de la creme of all moisturizers. This is my second favorite (if not most favorite!) product from CAUDALÍE and I cannot rave about it enough. In the past, I would would apply moisturizer at night and still wake up with my skin feeling dryer than ever. But this product has been a complete and total game changer. It softens, moisturizes and tightens your skin all at the same time. To the point that when I wake up in the morning, I can still feel it working, but not in a gross // oily way. Like in a goddess-like skin way. I will tell you guys though, this is the only product I was gifted, which is why my tube looks different as opposed to what is online. Which brings me to the other part, the price. This bottle runs at $158, which really hurts me to say….but I love it so much that when my current bottle runs out, I will with out a doubt be buying this cream. I apply this cream to my face and neck before bed after my eye cream. 


Beauty Elixir: I have mentioned this Elixir probably a million times to you guys, because it is indeed, the best! It’s not only great for setting your make-up, but it’s also a great refresher. I always take this elixir with me on planes! As soon as I apply this, I feel like a completely new person, ready to conquer everything that comes my way! I apply this after I apply my make-up, or anytime I need to refresh. 

I understand that these beauty products cost a pretty penny. So my advice to you, is to pick a product based on your biggest problem area, and go from there. When I bought my first CAUDALIE product, I chose the eye cream and almost a year, I collected the rest. You don’t have to get everything at one time -lol! 

Have you guys usedCAUDALÍE?? Do you love it as much as I do??



5 thoughts on “My Beauty Regimen with CAUDALÍE

  1. I’ve really been looking forward to this post since I am also obsessive over my skin! I have the Beauty Elixer and love it – next I’ll need to try the Anti-Aging Cream! Thanks for the recommendations – I love, love, love your blog.

    My usual cost-savings tip for my friends is to search eBay before paying full price. If you do enough digging and vetting, you can find the real deal MUCH cheaper 🙂 I found my favorite moisturizer – Pevonia Myoxy Caviar Timeless Repair Cream ($198 full price) on eBay for half the cost!

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