Currently Craving: Home Decor

Currently Craving- Home Decor

accent chair // polkadot tray // marble table // mirror // silverware /// pineapple // painting // zebra jewelry holder // shag rug 

Hey everyone! I’m keeping today short and sweet for you 🙂

I don’t know if it’s the fact that Colton and I have been discussing possibly moving or if it’s that I’m not sure if my pink princess palace is suitable for the both of us anymore lol….

But none-the-less, I cannot stop looking at home decor inspirations! I’m seriously on the verge of throwing out all knick knacks and decluttering in order to make room for the new! Not that Colton cares……but I just feel like I should make the apartment more of our home rather than just mine.

Should I wait until we decide to move or should I just start the decluttering//redecorating process now??

Also, what did you guys think of yesterday’s post?? Do you love Rongrong and her work as much as I do??? The deadline for the giveaway will be tonight at 8:00!



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