WCW: Rongrong Devoe



I’m really excited about today’s post!! Like really, really excited.

I have been working on this post for quite a few months, so I am ecstatic to finally bring my #WCW concept to you.

There are many fascinating & talented women entrepreneurs in our city.  In order to highlight and bring attention to these amazing women I am happy to tell you guys that I am going to start featuring & interviewing more women entrepreneurs from Houston.

I am even more excited because not only is this my first #WCW post but also because I am able to feature my dear friend, who just happens to be the most talented fashion illustrator in town. Rongrong Devoe!

Not only is her work to die for (just check out her Insta @rongrong_devoe_illustration), but she is also one of the sweetest women I have met and has been so overly encouraging and nice to me throughout this whole blogging process.

She’s been featured in InStyle and Vogue, and has quite an extensive client list! As you can see, I have quite a few pieces of her work throughout my home and they add just the cutest touch!

So, without further ado, let me introduce to you, Rongrong DeVoe!


image via

| First let me say how much I have enjoyed getting to know you and really appreciate you taking the time out of your day to answer my questions!! For starters, let’s have you introduce yourself to the LtoL readers. |

Hello LtoL readers! My name is Rongrong DeVoe. I am a Houston based fashion illustrator. I’m originally from Qingdao China. My job includes drawing illustrations for fashion publications, designers, department stores as well as running an online store where I sell my own fashion art, cute phone cases and mugs.

| How did you start your love affair with fashion illustration? Did you always know this is what you wanted to do? |

I fell in love with fashion when I was a teenager. My mom bought me my first ELLE magazine and I could not stop drawing the beautiful models, and clothing from it. I did not know there was a profession called fashion illustrator until I graduated from college. I worked at a game company as a character designer but I felt like I had to pursue my passion before I settled down in Shanghai.

| A majority of the LtoL readers are in their early twenties, you know, just starting their careers and/or are deciding what they want to pursue post-college. What path did you pursue to get to this point in your career? |

After I graduated from Fashion Institute of Technology, I worked at a fashion company as a designer for two years in New York. During that time, I learned more about the fashion industry, what the process was like from concept to final product. The experience definitely helped me to running my own business. So I would recommend to work in the industry for a few years before start your own company.

| When it comes to your fashion illustrations, what is your favorite subject to draw? |

Of course beautiful ladies! I love to draw beautiful fashionable and confident ladies in their most stylish clothes! Street fashion is a huge topic of my illustrations.

 | Where do you gain your inspiration? |

Fashion magazines, movies and Pinterest!

| You’re kind of a pretty amazing entrepreneur. That’s very inspiring for young women! What is your best advice for any girl wanting to start their own business in this industry? |

 My best advice is to believe in yourself, that you can do it! We all have purposes to live our life. Some want happy families. Some want to have their own business empire. No matter what business you want to start, yourself is the best asset! So invest yourself with time and knowledge, always learning, you will become the person that you want to be!

| Best social media tip? |

Choose one or two channels. Then be consistent! Be creative how to be featured on the larger accounts to get more exposure.

| Favorite place to shop in Houston….go! |

Rice Village!

| Favorite trend this season? |


| We promote healthy living on LtoL. How do you stay fit and/or live a healthy lifestyle?? |

I try to be healthy but not always 🙂 My favorite exercises are Zumba and running. I also prefer vegetable over meat.

| What should we expect from you in the next few years? |

Well, I am looking forward to working with more reputable fashion clients and push my products to more boutiques nationwide. I want more girls and ladies to see my illustration. I want to make them happy. Hope they feel inspired to live the best of themselves.

 | Advice to your 23 year-old self? |

Stop wasting time on Korean soap opera. Spend less money on clothes!


Ya’ll, isn’t she amazing!?

You can check out her website here, and her online store here!

Rongrong’s illustrations come in all different forms including prints, coffee mugs, cell phone cases, shirts, and bags. She can even do a custom illustration of yourself for you!



Because once again, Rongrong is so amazing, she sent me a few items to give away to the LtoL readers! One lucky reader will win a print + a mug and then the runner up will win a print!

All you have to do is follow me on Instagram (@lifetolauren) follow Rongrong (@rongrong_devoe_illustration), like this picture on my account and then tag a friend in the comment section!

I’ll announce the winner Friday, March 25!



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