Suede On Me

Suede Dress 1.jpgsuede dresssuede dresssuede dress suede dresssuede dress suede dresssuede dresssuede dress OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAsuede dress

suede dress // shoes // purse (on sale!) // watch // bracelet  // sunglasses (cheaper – thanks Kacey for the find!!!)

When I was in high school, I went through a phase where I was obsessed with Express. Where my obsession spawned from, I have no idea lol, but none the less it was all that I wore at one point.

Due to some very questionable outfit choices during this time, I have not stepped foot into an Express store in probably five years. Almost to the point where I scoffed at even the thought of wearing anything from there.

Needless to say, when I saw this dress was from Express, I was a little hesitant when it came to purchasing it. I knew I didn’t want to risk purchasing it online, so I dragged myself to the Galleria to check out this dress for myself.

& ya’ll, I was SO impressed. Not only by this dress, but Express in general.

Clearly I wasn’t the only one who went through a period of time of boycotting Express, because they have definitely stepped their game up.

Plus it doesn’t hurt that everything in there is pretty well priced! I went ahead and tagged a few other Express dresses that I am coveting! Like this one that is almost identical to this dress of mine!

What do you guys think??




black suede dressdenim laceup dressred suede dressblue off the shoulder dress

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