Easter Dresses

Easter Dresses

Top (from left to right) 1 // 2 // 3

Bottom (from left to right) 4 // 5 // 6

With Easter being one weekend away, there is a pretty good chance that you will be picking up your Easter dress this weekend or at least rush ordering it online if you haven’t already!

When it comes to picking out an Easter dress, I like to follow a few rules.

  1. Showing your shoulders is okay as long as you’re not wearing spaghetti straps or wearing an off the shoulder dress (even though I love them)
  2. Be mindful of the length.
  3. Be mindful of cleavage
  4. Lighter pastel pallets over bolder pallets.
  5. Lace is always a yes. (Double points for it being so in this season!)
  6. Say no to body con dresses.
  7. Say no to cut out dresses.
  8. Pick a comfy heel because you’ll most likely be standing in church!

My thought process is, that if the dress you want to wear will most likely make grandma shake her head….then you should really think about saving that dress for your friends shower next month and look into picking out something else!;)

I will most likely be  wearing this dress from this post with my favorite pointy toe pumps!!

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Have a great weekend everyone & I’ll see you guys Monday!!



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