5 Easy Steps To Save Your Blowout After A Workout

No matter what, everyday I am faced with the daily struggle on if I should wash my hair or not – lol.

On days that I do decide to wash it, I’m then faced with the problem of my nice, clean hair getting ruined by my workout. I work out 6x a week, so the struggle is definitely real – hah. After many years of this dilemma, I have settled on 5 easy steps that save my hair after a workout.

Of course there isn’t a lot you can do when you work out on top of already desperately needing a wash….. But if you have a fresh blowout and are worried about working out, these steps will save you. I mean, they save me everyday.

5 Easy Steps To Save Your Blowout After A Workout

  1. Invest in these hair ties. These hair ties will keep your hair from breaking and from the dreaded hair tie crease that regular hair ties give.
  2. Put your hair in a high, but loose pony tail. The reason you want it to be kind of loose on the top is because if your hair is slicked back too tight, it will cause your hair to sweat more, as well as trap in the heat. This method lets your hair breath a little. The reason I do a high pony tail method is so that the ends of my hair do not touch the sweat on my back or get in the way of my workout.
  3. As soon as you finish working out, take your hair out of the ponytail and immediately brush through it. This is THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP. Do not let your hair dry in your wet mess of a ponytail.
  4. Next, grab your hair dryer, and lightly blow cool air on your wet hair until it starts to dry.
  5.  For access sweat/oil, I use baby powder (my favorite) or dry shampoo. I love this brand. I recommend baby powder for blondes and dry shampoo for anyone with darker hair. After this, just style it as you normally would!

Also, I did a video!!

top (cheaper) // earrings  // watch

I’m kind of nervous about it lol, but I figure it’s easier for me to explain some things to you! Plus, I want to bring more videos to you guys, so we’ll think of this as “practice” 🙂



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