2 Simple Switches You Need To Make In Your Kitchen In Order To Be Healthier

 When deciding to lose weight or in general deciding to be healthier, most people go about it the wrong way. They decide they want to lose 10 lbs, so they cut out all carbs & sugar from their diet and vouch that they’re going to go to the gym 7x a week. What does this result in most of the time? Failure, that’s what.

I’ve said time and time again, that in order  to lose weight and become healthier, you have to look at it as a life style change. Which means not cutting everything out of your life, but instead making small, subtle changes.

This is why I wanted to take the time today to show you two simple changes that you can make in your kitchen right now to be overall healthier. I should probably build a list of 30 swaps to make in your kitchen, but these are two easy ones that you can make right now! So it’s time to trade in your vegetable oil for coconut oil, and  your table salt for himalayan pink salt.


Coconut Oil vs, Vegetable Oil

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Coconut oil, is the bomb. When it comes to cooking, coconut oil is my main base.  It’s basically all that I will use. At times I will use olive oil, but one thing you will never find in my kitchen, is canola (vegetable) oil. In the past, coconut oil has had a bad rep due to being high in saturated fat. But what most people don’t know, is that the type of saturated fat that’s found in coconut oil is called a medium chain triglycerides (MCT’s). This type of fat is absorbed in the body much like a simple carb. It’s easily digested and burned for energy.

Vegetable Oil on the other hand does the opposite. It’s really very hard for your body to process, which leads to severe inflammation in the body causing heart disease and diabetes. No thank you!

Which is why I have made the switch to coconut oil. A few more reasons coconut oil is the shiz, is because it’s rich in antioxidants, it has been proven to aid in more weight loss than any other cooking oil. It also gives off a kind sweet taste that I love and now crave. I promise after using this you won’t miss the vegetable oil ever again.

Pink Himalayen Salt vs. Table salt

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Himalayan salt is the purest salt to be found on earth, and its distinct pink color is its indication that it is indeed rich in mineral content. While it is indeed “salt” the reason you should make the switch is because regular table salt is stripped of all of it’s natural minerals, is bleached, chemically cleaned, and cooked at ridiculously high temperatures. Table salt causes blood pressure to rise rapidly, while also causing imbalances such as diabetes, gout, and obesity. Yeah…. no thanks!

Himalayan Salt on the other hand contains a vast amount of benefits which include: creating an electrolyte balance in your system, it increases hydration, balances PH, prevents muscle cramping, lowers blood pressure, strengthens bones, improves circulation, and helps to eliminated toxins throughout the body.

Like I said, these are two simple switches that you can make today! For more healthy kitchen ideas, you can check out my grocery list  here!



**Update 3/15/15 10:00 a.m. 

If a recipe calls for canola ( vegetable oil ), I completely substitute it for coconut oil. Whether you’re baking brownies, cookies, eggs, stir-fry, or fajitas – use coconut oil. 

It will not change the consistency or the taste. If anything it will be a little sweeter. 

But remember, this is a replacement for canola oil, not olive oil. If a recipe calls for olive oil, use olive oil. If you use coconut oil in place of olive oil, you will most likely taste the difference. 

If you want further detail, I talked a little bit about it on my snapchat! (lauren_smith6)




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