Bronze Bar Tan + A GIVEAWAY


A few years ago, while scrolling through Facebook, I ran across a post from a girl I knew in high school. On her post, she was spreading awareness on her own scare with skin cancer. While she did not exactly have skin cancer, she did have spots that were “questionable”, which resulted in her having surgery to get them removed.

&&& ya’ll, the surgery for this was gnarly….and not the good kind of gnarly. Like, scared the bajezus out of me gnarly. After that, I vowed to never go in a tanning be or tan outside without SPF on, ever again.

This was hard for me, because I LOVE BEING TAN. I kind of live by the whole “if you can’t be skinny, be tan” mentality lol. While that’s not exactly true, I do think there is something about a nice glow that makes you look leaner. In my case, pasty white is not my friend.


That’s when I came across Bronze Bar Tan!

When I started searching for a spray tan salon in Houston, I knew the salon had to meet 3 different criteria. First, I wanted to make sure I was getting sprayed by a person, not a machine. Second, it needed to be close to my home, and third, I didn’t want it to break the bank. Well, Bronze Bar hit all of these, and after reading the amazing reviews and seeing their extensive, high end clientele (Texan’s Cheerleaders, News Anchors, and Beauty Queens) I knew that Bronze Bar was the place for me.

I’ve now been going to Bronze Bar for almost two years and I am absolutely hooked. Plus, the owner, Celia, is kind of the best. She’s like 24, has her own salon in the Galleria area. Bad ass, right?

Plus she does a flawless tan, every single time.

I have never left Bronze Bar with a streaky tan lines, looking orange, and it’s never come off blotchy. I’ve had spray tans at Baylor, Nordstrom’s and other salons here in Houston, but nothing has compared to Bronze Bar.

Plus, Bronze Bar has a deal every Tuesday, where you can get the basic tan for $25.


You literally can’t beat that. I usually get the basic tan after work every two weeks. I let the tan rest over night and then shower in the morning before work. Everyone’s different, but I hold the tan really well, so one tan will last me about 10 days.

Also, Celia is so personable and makes what could be an awkward situation totally and completely normal.

My Tips For Spray Tanning

  1. Exfoliate, shave and wax before going! Exfoliation removes  all the dead skin before going in, and shaving or waxing after a tan will take the spray tan off faster.
  2. Make sure you get a pedicure before as well. The sea salts will take the tan right off.
  3. When getting sprayed, make sure it’s your bare skin. Before getting sprayed I make sure I am not wearing any lotions, or make up.
  4. Wear loose fitting clothes to the salon. The last thing you want to do is try to slip on those skin-tight jeans right after getting sprayed.
  5. After every shower, load on that lotion!

For more tips, you can check out Celia’s, here!


Since Celia is once again, so amazing, she has offered to give a free spray tan to one of the LtoL readers! The giveaway will last until Wednesday night at 7:00 p.m., and I’ll announce the winner Thursday morning! All you have to do is follow the instructions below!


  1. Follow me On Instagram @Lifetolauren
  2. Follow Bronze Bar On Instagram @BRONZE_BAR
  3. Like my Bronze Bar give away picture on Instagram
  4. Tag a friend in the comment section so that I know you completed all the steps!



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