7 Tips For Eating Healthy At The Rodeo

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 Every year when the rodeo comes to Houston, one problem I always face is finding something healthy to eat.

I understand that eating the fried carnival food and barbecue is apart of the whole “experience”, but when you’re going to the rodeo multiple times throughout the season, is it really nessecary to get that fruit pie every time?

No, no it is not.

I have told you guys  time & time again, that I always choose the healthier option, no matter where I am, because I have made this my lifestyle.

If Colton gets a funnel cake (my most favorite thing in the world) you can bet your bottoms’s that I’ll have some. But moderation is key, and if you have been working hard to get healthy this year, you will be a lot happier the next morning knowing that you didn’t have that fried oreo, as compared to if you would have.

7 Easy Tips For Eating Healthy At The Rodeo

  1. Eat before you go into the concert. We went last night, and not eating before going into reliant was my biggest mistake. Outside on the grounds, there are tons of options, but inside its very limited.
  2. Choose smoked turkey or chicken over all other meats. They’re leaner, lower in calories, and lower saturated fat. I especially love the smoked turkey option because you get the smokey barbecue taste without the indulgence. Plus, since turkey is a leaner meat, it’s not as harsh on your digestive track.
  3. Go easy on the barbecue sauce. Barbecue sauce is filled with brown sugar. So just be mindful of the amount you use.
  4. Choose your sides carefully. Skip the french fries, macaroni, chili cheese fries & patatoe salad & etc. Instead choose a vinegar based cole slaw, green beans, pickled carrots or a plain salad. You may think this is impossible to find, but I promise it’s not! Just keep your eyes out.
  5. Skip all of the concession food areas and find the real stuff. Yes, walk right past all of the carnival food options and pat your self on the back because YOU are stronger than  that fried oreo. Instead find the real barbecue. It’s everywhere.
  6. Choose wine or liquor over beer & margaritas. Did you know that 1 beer is equivalent to 7 slices of white bread when your body breaks it down? Aka-carbs, carbs, carbs. And clearly not the good kind lol. BUT if you can’t go to the rodeo without having a beer ( I feel you) get a Michaelobe Ultra.
  7. Split it! If you absolutely cannot pass up your favorite indulgence at the rodeo, split it with a friend! That’s what I did at cook off. I at very mindful the whole time, but when my friend Annie insisted we get a funnel cake, I didn’t hold back. Instead, I split it with her & Colton.



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