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leggings // tank  // sport hoodie // shoes (on sale!) // ray bans (on sale!) // purse (on sale!)

Good Morning & Welcome Back!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Cook off, on Friday night wore us out for the entire weekend lol, but it was so fun & so worth it!


It’s no secret that if I could, I would live in my workout clothes. They are comfortable, forgiving and are actually really stylish. I’m proud of my workouts, so I wear my workout clothes with pride and it makes me feel even better when I feel good in them.

I’ve told you guys time and time again, that when I feel good in my workout clothes, I have a way better workout. It’s a totally mental thing, but it helps, I swear!

One trend I have been loving, is mesh everything. It’s kind of ridiculous how much I’ve bought of it recently, but I don’t care because I love it. This particular outfit has been on repeat for a few weeks now. Colton picked up this top for my birthday and I cannot stop wearing it. Then this sports hoodie, I cannot get enough of. Usually after spin on Saturday’s, I will throw this hoodie on over my outfit, throw on my sunglasses, and head to breakfast with Colton and Bentley. It’s so cute and so put together, that I don’t even care that I just came straight from a workout. I’m usually not even wearing make-up, and it doesn’t even matter because it’s so cute!

I get more compliments on  this sports hoodie, which makes me feel confident in my purchase because it’s such an easy piece piece to throw on for the seasons to come. Plus, the material is to die for!

Well that’s all I have for today! I hope you guys have great rest of your Monday and remember, if there is anything you ever want to see, or if you want to ask a question, just send me an email! I love hearing from you!



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