Why You Should Add Grapeseed Oil Into Your Beauty Routine

grapeseed oil for your skin

 Meet my little friend.

Grape Seed Oil

If it’s not already apart of your beauty regime, it should be.

I wanted to share this beauty secret with you, because Grape Seed Oil is basically the bees knees.

Also because I share everything I love with ya’ll and this stuff is too good not to share.

It’s literally just oil extracted from grapes lol, but it’s soooooo good for your skin.               It’s especially great for anyone with sensitive skin.

In the past six months, I have stopped buying all make-up remover wipes, shaving cream, extreme lotions, etc. and have only been using grape seed oil.

One of the reasons I love it because it’s all natural, aka – no more nasty chemicals (ew.).


Grape seed oil is used to treat acne, tighten skin, remove dark circles from your eyes, serve as an extreme moisturizer and helps to fight aging.

Like I said, the bees knees.

I can honestly vouch for all of those benefits above. It’s incredible what it’s done to my skin.

&&& it’s cheap, cheap. I use this brand.

I will say…it doesn’t exactly smell like roses…..but also doesn’t really have smell? This factor doesn’t bother me, but if thats a deal breaker for you, then I thought I should still share the detail.

If anything, just start using this as your shaving cream, and your lives will change for ever.

And for the better 🙂 Trust me on this one!



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