10 Secrets About Me On My Birthday

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I love birthdays.

Wait, let me make a correction.  I love everyone else’s birthday, except for my own. So it’s shocking that I stood in a parking lot and took pictures with balloons lol. It’s just I hate being the center of attention and feeling like I am making everyone celebrate me. Does anyone else get like that?? Like when everyone sings happy birthday, I’m so awkward!  Everyone’s singing and I’m definitely just sitting there with a creepy/unsure smile on my face, waiting for it to be over.

What I do love though, is the humbling feeling I get from all of the Birthday wishes from friends and family. That is definitely my favorite part.

I am pretty excited for tonights celebration though! I’m going to State of Grace for the first time with Colton, my parents, his parents and my best friend Annie! At first they told us there was no way we could get in due to the fact that they had another large party, but Annie got us in and I am so so so thankful!

Since it is my birthday, I thought I would share ten secrets about myself that I have come to understand in the past 24 years of my life. Ten random facts that make me, me 🙂

  1. I never go barefoot, even at home I always wear slippers!
  2. My favorite desserts are key lime pie, lemon meringue pie or creme brûlée. They are my guilty pleasure. If they’re on the menu, there’s a 99.9% chance I will get one of them.
  3. I’m extremely un-athletic. Like it’s almost comical how uncoordinated and bad I am lol. Sports just kind of scare me in general & I’m always afraid I am going to get hurt/hit by the ball. #sorrykickballteam #loveyou
  4. I might be the least sexiest dancer in the world. I guess you could say that I “bop” more than I dance. I don’t have time to try and dance sexy….I’m too busy getting my groove on. 
  5. I’m extremely Type A. I hate clutter and I believe that everything has its place. This keeps me calm and less anxious. 
  6. I’m a true introvert//extrovert. Meaning, when I meet people for the first time or if I’m in a situation where I do not know many people, I become extremely introverted.  In most cases, I’m very shy and I just want to go home, hide and hug a Bentley. But then at the same time, once I start to feel comfortable or I’m with my friends, I become overly outgoing and will most likely talk your ear off!
  7. I never, ever, ever wear a bra. Real talk. I only wear a bra on really special occasions. Like I hate them so much that I purely base buying shirts off of if I have to wear a bra with them or not.
  8. I’m always on time. I think that it’s very disrespectful to expect people to wait on you, so I always try my best to plan accordingly. 
  9. I only drink white wine at lunch and will only choose red wine at dinner time. I know this goes against the “white wine with fish, and red wine with steak” rule, but it’s just my preference! 
  10. I would rather have a fun and exciting day as compared to a wild and crazy night! Especially if it’s a beautiful day!! Put me on a patio with good friends, a glass of champagne in my hand, with a bright & beautiful sky and I’m a happy camper!



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