You Should Go & Love Yourself

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After two weeks of build-up, yesterday was finally Valentine’s Day. I have probably overloaded you guys with lovy-dovy stuff for the past two weeks, but one thing I didn’t seem to mention, is “self love”.

I read a quote the other day that said “Sometimes I wonder what I would think of my body if it wasn’t my own? Like if someone else had my body and I was looking at them and I was looking at it from an outside perspective? I think two things would happen….for one, I would have much nicer thoughts about it and two, I actually just wouldn’t really care about it? Because I don’t notice anyone else’s body in the way that I scrutinize my own. I wish I was better at remembering that. Absolutely no one is as critical of me, as I am on myself” 


This is an incredible statement for all women (even men!) with body issues. Whether you are indeed trying to lose weight, or you already have what society would call the “ideal body”. We are all extremely critical of ourselves.

And to be completely honest, what exactly is the “ideal” body shape. What makes a perfect body? Do I meet the standards? No, probably not. But I am healthy, I am strong and I work my tail off to be in the best shape possible for my body.

I have come to the realization within the past year or so that I will never have the perfect thigh gap. I probably won’t ever have a six-pack and I will always be a little bit self conscious when in a bikini. But I am okay with that.

I sweat, I cry, I’m sore, and I get discouraged. But I always keep going.

I’ve come way to far to compare myself to others and think badly of myself.

Self love is important too. Because if you don’t love yourself, how are you supposed to spread love to others?

This probably isn’t what you were expecting this morning, but after reading the statement above, it really hit home for me, so I wanted to share! If you’re wanting to start your own fitness journey, you have to make sure to love yourself throughout the process. You can’t get mad at yourself for not sticking to the plan, but instead encourage yourself to keep moving forward.

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Have a great Monday everyone!



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