Valentine’s Day Q & A


Hers: romper // heels (cheaper) // jacket: similar // earrings // bracelet // lipstick

His: pants // shirt: similar // shoes

Photos by: Domus Aurera – Portraits By Renee 

Guyyssss, I’m really excited for today’s post! Because if you can’t tell, we have a special guest appearance from the cutest, sweetest, cutest boy, my boyfriend, Colton.

This will be our fifth Valentine’s Day together, so in honor of that, I thought it would be fun to really include him in today’s post and have us do a little Valentine’s Day questionnaire separate from each other.

What is something you did one Valentine’s that you would never do again?

Lauren: I’ll never go to a fancy restaurant just because it’s Valentine’s Day. Do not get me wrong, I am all for nice dinners, but one year we went to a “nice” restaurant in Waco (cough, cough 1424) because that’s what you’re supposed to do and it was horrible. We were extremely rushed, the food was decent, over priced and we were both really bummed. I would have rather stayed in or had gone to a place that held sentimental value to us, rather than spend a lot of money just because it’s Valentine’s Day.

Colton: Hmmm, one thing that I did, that I will never do again… Ha that’s an easy one. Lets preface the story: this is our first Valentines together, I don’t have very much money, being a sophomore in college, and I really wanted to do something special. You know, something really really special, for my new found Love! So………I took her to Outback Steakhouse.

What’s the next question lol?


What is your favorite Valentine’s memory?

Lauren: Colton is really romantic, so this one is hard… But, I think my favorite is from our second Valentine’s. We had dinner at his place and it was technically take-out, but he really went all out for it! He made an actual menu, picked up all my favorite dishes from our favorite Waco restaurant (135 Prime) and set up everything like a restaurant at his apartment. Then afterwards we went to my house and made chocolate fondue with one of my roommates lol! Note: He was probably trying to make up for our first Valentine’s in which we joke about being a disaster lol. But none-the-less this one was super low-key and incredibly thoughtful. I loved it. I might have even cried.

Colton: My favorite Valentine’s Day memory is probably Lauren’s reaction to our second Valentines day together. I had went and picked up some sides from 135 Prime (our favorite restaurant) and printed out a menu for what she might have wanted for dinner, even though I only had 1 thing, praying she would choose that. When she walked in, I gave her flowers and a menu. She was so shocked she started to tear up and I was so in love 🙂 .

What is your idea of a perfect Valentines Day?

Lauren: Honestly, I think just getting to spend the day outside with Colton and Bentley. Bentley is always included in our V-day plans. So probably just spending the day with them. Sometimes I try to make things “too perfect” and they do not turn out so great. Then, when I let them just happen, the day turns out better then I could have ever planned.

Colton: I don’t think there is such thing as a “Perfect Valentines Day”. I think that any time spent with any loved ones on this day is a perfect day. Afterall the day is for LOVE not necessarily for your true love, but any loved ones that might be in your life.

What is your favorite Valentine’s tradition?

Lauren: Probably taking Bentley to the park! Like I said, Bentley is always included in our plans and every year we take him to the park on Valentines Day. He just makes us really happy and any big day spent between the two of us wouldn’t feel the same about him. Oh and then of course making Colton’s Valentine’s basket too!

Colton: I’m almost certain Lauren is going to put the same thing as I do, but my favorite tradition is hanging out with the sweetest cutest sweetest person in the world and her badass doggie. It makes him super happy, and nothing makes her happier than him; so it’s a no brainer that were going to take Mr. Bentley to the park or on a walk at least once during the day. He’s the true beneficiary of the day!

What’s one thing the other person would want to do on their dream Valentine’s Day?

Lauren: Well, lol….Colton’s dream Valentines Day would probably include sleeping in until  almost noon, having (real) pancakes for breakfast, taking Bentley to the park and then somehow that afternoon going to a Rockets game and going to Pappa’s Brother Steak House! It’s his favorite! He’d probably also like to golf at some point too lol, but I don’t know where he would fit that in the day.

Colton: I think a dream Valentines Day for Lauren would be a combination of things: it would start by us miraculously not having work that day, and sleeping in until around 7:30 in which breakfast would be served. Next would be a morning run. After, I think that she would oddly like to spend some time with her mom on Valentines day, in which I wouldn’t mind at all! Maybe meet her at the Rose Garden by Hermann Park, even though we did that last year or at least go on a long walk with Bentley. That would be followed by wine, or accompanied by wine if we were so lucky. Then end the day by having a nice dinner at Brennans with a cappuccino for dessert!


Lauren & Colton


Domus Aurea  also specializes in modern new born and family portaits! So be sure to check her out!:)

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