Valentines Day Gifts For Him

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Hi Guys! Happy Monday!!!

Idk about you guys, but I am kind of exhausted. As I sit here writing this, I have just come home from a Super Bowl get together, it’s almost 11:00 and a witttleeeee sleepy.

To say the least – lol!!

Any who, I thought I would start this week off with a little gift guide for the men out there! These are all things hand picked by Colton, so I hope that you all approve!!

(1) Jack Black Core Collection Set: Facial Cleanser, Beard Lube and Face Moisturizer. Aka – everything he needs in his life.

(2) John Varatos: The cologne you can’t go wrong with. You can get it from Ulta, Sephora or pretty much any perfume store. It’s awesome and is a staple in Colton’s collection. It actually smells really handsome too!

(3) Leather Valet: If he’s graduated from college, it’s about time that he has his own leather valet. I mean, he’s a working man! It’s no longer acceptable for him to throw his nice watch on the table next to his bed. It deserves its own place and he will actually really appreciate it.

(4) Slippers: Because, I mean… who doesn’t want something comfy to walk around the house in?!

(5) Safety Razor The perfect razor for no irritation and a straight shave. Perfect for your guy with a beard!

(6) Blanton’s Whisky : His favorite whisky is always a good idea. Colton loves this brand. This is a great gift for anyone who has just started dating, or has been dating for years!

(7) Whisky Glasses: A sophisticated glass for his drink of choice.

(8) Dress Shirt: Not just any dress shirt, a dress shirt that goes with EVERYTHING. I love this one because it has black, blue, light blue, grey, charcoal & navy in it. He could wear it with anything. Also, this one is one sale!!

(9) Nike Free 2: Comfy & Stylish. Colton’s currently obsessing over these

(10) Skinny Black Tie: Because it’s a basic in every young mans wardrobe and he will appreciate you for it!





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