Petite Sweets

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Until this past Sunday, I had never had a macaroon.

I know, heaven forbid. What type of blogger am I?! haha

It’s not that I’m behind on the trend. It’s more about the fact that I rarely eat sweets. When I do, I don’t want to waste it on something I may or may not like. I’ve had many opportunities to try one, but I never did because not only was I worried about wasting a sweet, but I also wanted it to be the perfect experience.

(By the way, these are the kind of pointless dilemmas I face on a daily basis. Poor Colton.)

Anyways,  my sister and I had made a pack that we wouldn’t try macaroons without the other and we would’t try them just anywhere. So after church & lunch this past Sunday, we decided it was time!

I’ve driven past Petite Sweets a ridiculous amount of times, but yet never stopped.           So when we decided we wanted macaroons Sunday, I knew exactly where to go! Petite Sweets is the cutest little place in the entire world. I mean I was obsessed!

We made sure to try one of each flavor so that we could pick out our favorite.                      Then after all of the build up, we decided that we really didn’t like macaroons at all lol.

 Now Colton on the other hand knew he wasn’t a macaroon person, so he opted for the cupcakes! Which is what I should have done! This is one of the things that makes Petite Sweets great though. They have so many types of adorable “Petite Sweets” for every person!

So if you’re a macaroon person, I highly suggest this place! If you’re more of a cookie, cakeball, ice cream or coffee person, then I highly suggest this place!!

Especially if you’re looking for the “perfect experience”! 😉

On another note, I have gotten a lot of questions about this top and I am so sorry to tell you, but it’s been sold out for awhile! I bought it on sale while in L.A.! But I tagged a few similar options below!

Have a great weekend everyone! I’ll see you Monday!




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