Skinny 6 Layer Super Bowl Dip

Skinny 6 Layer Super Bowl DipSkinny 6 Layer Super Bowl DipSkinny 6 Layer Super Bowl DipSkinny 6 Layer Super Bowl DipOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASkinny 6 Layer Super Bowl DipSkinny 6 Layer Super Bowl DipOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASkinny 6 Layer Super Bowl Dip

Hi guys! Welcome back!:) I guess we can call this Part 2 of my Super Bowl post lol.

I mentioned to you guys yesterday that I love throwing Super Bowl parties! And if there is one thing I can tell you about those parties, it’s that this dip was always served!

It’s absolutely amazingly delicious. I mean, out of all the recipes I have shared, this one is not only my favorite, but a fan favorite! I mean, everyone loves a good layered dip, but this lightened up version is so amazing that no one will even realize it’s “healthy”.        It’s very rare that any of this is left by the end of the game!

In the pictures I served it with blue corn tortilla chips, but my favorite thing to serve them with is fresh vegetables!! But blue corn tortilla chips are still a great alternative to the regular tortilla chips!

I promise if you have a party or if you are planing on attending a party, this is THE BEST dish to bring! It’s ALWAYS a hit!

And like how cute is it….amiright?!

I mean, it looks like a football field 🙂

Skinny 6 Layer Super Bowl Dip


2 cans black beans

1 bag chopped lettuce

2 cans rotelle

1 container non regular greek yogurt

4 avocados for guac (or buy pre-made guac)

1 bag 2% milk cheddar cheese

Cherry Tomatoes


Pick a large serving dish of choice.

Layer 1: Heat up a small pot on high for 2 minutes. Strain black beans to get access juice out of both cans. Put on the lid and cook on low-medium heat for 5 minutes. Next, mash beans in the pot until completely mushy. Transfer beans into the bottom of the serving dish. Press to all edges of the dish until completely covered.

Layer 2: Evenly add two cans of the rotelle.

Layer 3: Evenly disperse shredded lettuce

Layer 4: Evenly disperse Cheddar Cheese

Layer 5: Smooth the greek yogurt over the cheddar cheese. Make sure to leave about 1/3 cup in the container for later use.

Layer 6: Make the Guacamole to your liking, and evenly spread over the sour cream. Make sure to completely cover all the white from the greek yogurt!

Making the Field Lines: Take the remaining sour cream and put it into a zip lock baggy. Close the bag. Smooth the sour cream all the way to one corner and then cut a little opening at that corner. Use picture as guideline as where to put your sour cream.

Last: Put little cherry tomatoes where ever you want!



Also! I got all of my dishes from Marshall’s 🙂



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