Valentines Day Gifts For Her

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Hello there!

Gentlemen, this one is for you!

Deep down, I truly believe you do know what your gf//fiancé//wife would love for Valentines Day. Is she a flower person? Is there a restaurant she has been begging you to try? Is there a certain something that has been in her Nordstrom’s shopping bag for over a month?!? Think about it! Like I said, deep down, I think you know!

Personally, when it comes to the day of love, I am more of a homemade gift – spend the day together kind of person.. But hey! Every relationship is different, and I would probably be more into Valentines gifts if my Birthday wasn’t 3 days after – ha!

Poor Colton lol.

None-the-less, if a homemade gift is not your thing and you are clueless on what to give your lady, I am here to the rescue!

  1. This Sunday Kind Of Love tee is so cute. It’s the perfect tee that she could wear under her leather jacket to brunch all while showing off to there friends, that she indeed, does have a “Sunday Kind Of Love”. $56
  2. Kate Spade Pear Earring Jacket Because you can’t go wrong with pearls and earring jackets are very in. These say “I’m on trend, but I’m also a lady”. $58
  3. Marble phone cases. Because every girl is obsessed with marble everything right now. $24
  4. Engraved Pendant Necklace. A necklace of the coordinates where you two met?? Insert happy tears here. You may think it’s corny, but she will truly think it’s amazing & thoughtful! $38
  5. Bathtub Caddy. This is every girls dream. I can almost guarantee you that your girlfriend pinned this on her favorites board over 5 years ago and yes yet to actually get one. This thing is boss. Especially because not only will it hold a book and her wine glass…but it could also hold her iPad…. aka netlfix…. while relaxing in the bathtub.. #winning $79
  6. Burberry Perfume.  This perfume smells so romantic. I get a ridiculous amount of compliments on it. It’s the perfect scent for Valentines Day! $90
  7. Tory Burch Purse. If you’re feeling like splurging! She will truly appreciate this purse during the spring & summer.  $295
  8. Copper Moscow Mule Cups. Because I don’t know a girl who doesn’t want a set of copper cups ….. we’re just too cheap to actually buy them on our own. $24
  9. YSL Red Lipstick: This is the most beautiful red lipstick, and this brand is the best one I have ever used.  $36
  10. Rosaviola Diptyque CandleYou can’t go wrong with Diptyque candles! They are always a go-to that she is sure to love! $67

If you really want to make her smile, I suggest getting a little bear, putting the necklace on it and giving her either the candle or the perfume to go along with it! Oh, and be sure to not forget a sweet card!:)



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