How Perrier Is Helping Me To Kick Wine

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First off, let me start by saying this is not a sponsored post. I’m just freakishly obsessed with Perrier. Which is bizarre because I have never really been a “sparkling water” kind of person.

But here’s the deal, Perrier is helping me to lose weight.

I have mentioned to you guys, probably more than I should, that I love to come home and have a glass ( or 3 ) of red wine. It’s comforting and relaxing. And although red wine is better for you as compared to other alcohols, it’s still extremely high in calories & carbs.

I wrote a post recently called “How to Strive For A Happier & Healthier 2016.” Did you catch it???? You should read it! Anyways, one of my tips was to try your hardest not to drink Sunday – Wednesday. So in place of my beloved wines, I have been drinking Perrier!

 I have indeed lost a few pounds, I am more alert in the mornings, and I am falling asleep a little easier. It’s also helped me stop wine-eating (if ya know what I mean).

“So like cool, you’re drinking water instead of wine and you lost weight? Shocker!”

Don’t be so quick to judge me! Let me explain! For those like me, who love their wine, not having your beloved wine Sunday – Wednesday is easier said that done. There is something about coming home, opening that bottle, pouring it into your favorite glass, and watching the Bachelor.

I may sounds like an addict writing this, but LtoL  is a judgement free zone, so there.

&&& this isn’t just for wine! This could be for soda too! We all have our poisons.

Any who, insert Perrier.

Instead of coming home and pouring a big glass of cabernet, I pour a pretty little glass of Perrier. When I open it, it makes a nice “sizzle & pop” just like my wine. Then automatically I make that mouth motion that really lets me taste the sparkling water. Which gives me the same feeling as if I am drinking my wine. (Addict statement, I know! Remember the no judgement part?)

I’m just trying to be as real with you guys as possible, because ya’ll my peeps. 

So if you’re like me, and giving up your wine is putting a total damper on your Netflix time, try my trick & get fancy with some Perrier.

&& honestly, you can pick any sparkling water you want! I just like Perrier because I think it’s fancy. 

Also, if you like my bar cart, you can see how I made it here! 



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