Places To Try This Weekend: Dirty Hairy Dog Wash

IMG_7554IMG_7548.jpgIMG_7550 (1)Dirty Hairy Dog WashDirty Hairy Dog WashIMG_7545 (1)IMG_7547 (2)IMG_7549 (1)IMG_7551 (1)Dirty Hairy Dog WashIMG_7552 (1)

pants // shirt // shoes // tiffany ring 

Can we take a moment to look at those sweeeet eyes??? ^^^

Ahh mommy moments.

Any whooo,

On weekends when it’s BEA-utiful outside, I like to make sure to dedicate some time to a Mister Bentley. My favorite place to take him is to Buffalo Bayou. He absolutely loves it there! He runs, he smells (everything) we play fetch, he swims at the Dog Park, and has a grand ‘ol time.

Afterwards, he is disgusting – ha! I mean dripping with, sweat, mud, and what every else is in that water. So we like to take him to get a bath before we head home.

Since we live in an apartment, bathing him at home is not an option. Unless I want to flood my bathroom with water and have it covered in dog hair for weeks.

We usually take him to Unleashed by Petco, but I feel as though he is never fully clean when he leaves due to the watered down shampoo. So after driving by the Dirty Hairy Dog Wash on Durham a few times, I decided to try it out!

& let me tell you, I am so glad I did!!

It’s the cutest little place inside, and yes like Unleashed, you have your own little washing area for your pup, but so much cuter!

Each bath comes with your own washing area, ear cleaner, a blueberry facial, a shampoo (full non-watered down bottle) of your choice, brush tools, and a blow dry station. Then you can pick from so many extras like a leave in conditioner (which we chose!), specialty shampoos, nail clippings, hair clippings, treats, teeth brushing and more!

Also, if you do not want to do it yourself, they also offer services to do it for you and/or assist you. They seriously have every option available to fully fit your pups needs!

& everyone was so nice!

When we take Bentley to the groomers, we usually spend $40-$80. But here, for his ear cleaning, facial, special shampoo, leave in conditioner, brushing & hair dry, we only spent $25!!

&&& bonus for getting to have fun with Bentley!

Now he smells so good, which makes me want to snuggle with him more than I usually do lol.

Since this weekend is supposed to be BEA-utiful outside, spend time with your pup!! Annnddd then take your pup to the Dirty Hairy Dog Wash!:)

***Note: This is not a sponsored post. Just realness! But….I’m not going to lie, Bentley did get a free treat out of it 🙂

Have a great weekend!!



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