Kitchen Decor Part 1

LifetoLauren KitchenLifetoLauren Kitchen



I am going to be honest… I have a very girly home, to say the least.

This was my home before Colton moved in, and is definitely my “princess palace” lol. But to be completely honest, I don’t think the decor bothers him. As long as he could put up his TV in the living room, and had a space for his xbox, he was fine! In our next home, I will definitely tone it down and make it more gender neutral. Butttt until then, our home will continue to look bright and pretty. Sorry Colton:)

Any who, if you haven’t noticed, I love to cook. Which means I spend a lot of time in my kitchen. Like the rest of my home, I like to be surrounded by the things that I love.

I believe that the kitchen is the most important part of a home. You may think it’s the living room, but it’s definitely the kitchen. It’s where we all seem to gather, especially in get togethers! Which means I really wanted to make mine fun and welcoming.

I’ll show you guys the second half of my kitchen next week, but until then, here is PT 1 of my Kitchen Decor tips!

1)  Make Marshall’s Your Best Friend

From cute kitchen utensils, to jars, frames, cookies, and soap. Marshall’s have everything you could possible need. &&& at an extremely affordable price.

2) Decorate w/ Cute Designer Bags

You saw in this post that I am a fan of using old designing bags. I mean, they are just too cute to throw away! So one thing I like to do is, cut the bag and put then into cute frames for fun decor!

3) Always Have Candles On Hand

Having your guest walk into a kitchen that smells of last nights dinner is never okay. I like to light my candles right after I finish cooking. Usually while I am cleaning up! That way I can mask the smell. They are cute, and super affordable (especially at Marshall’s). I bought the one shown here from Marshall’s and it smells like Lemon Meringue 🙂

4) Keep Yummy Treats Around

#Coltons favorite. As we have covered, my apartment is definitely not a man cave. But one thing I never hear complaints about from the boys are the treats that I always keep on my counter. I always the treats for the season. So if it’s Halloween, I’ll do Candy Corn. Christmas, I’ll do Candy Canes and so on and so on. Right now I am transitioning so I’ll have the Circus Animal Cookies in there until Valentines Day!

5) Hide Unused Kitchen Appliances

Appliances can take up a lot of space. So I like to hide mine in a cabinet underneath until I need to use them. This free’s up space, and makes everything look a little bit neater.

6) Show Pictures That Make You Happy

I am very big into printing out pictures and putting them in frames throughout my home. &&& since I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, I like having  few around there too! To freshen things up, I suggest switches out some of the pictures every few months!



Shop the rest of my home

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 8.59.31 AMLifetolauren Kitchen DecorScreen Shot 2016-01-19 at 8.55.53 AMLifetolauren Kitchen Decor

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 8.56.53 AMLifetolauren Kitchen DecorScreen Shot 2016-01-19 at 8.52.23 AM

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