What’s In My Purses Cosmetic Bag

Cosmetic Bag Cosmetic Bag Cosmetic Bag Cosmetic Bag Cosmetic Bag Cosmetic Bag Cosmetic Bag

What’s in a girls purse is a private thing, but lucky for you guys, I am showing you something my purse is never without.

My cosmetic bag.

No matter where I go, never will I ever leave home without my little cosmetic bag. It’s cute, and it fits perfectly in my purse. It carries everything I need to get me through (beauty) emergencies, until I can get home to use the good stuff.

&&& did I already mention it’s cute? 🙂

  1. Face Mister: I never leave home without the beauty elixir. Especially during the winter when I feel like my face is a little too dry. It’s extremely refreshing and will wake you up instantly! I’m telling you, a nice face mister may just be your new best friend. It’s also a lifesaver on flights!
  2. Lipstick : I bought this set during Christmas time, and it has been the perfect addition to my cosmetic bag. The set actually came with all three of my favorite colors! So now, I keep these in my purse, and my larger sized ones at home!
  3. Hand Sanitizer: Because I am a germaphobe….I mean…. have you ever thought about how many people have touched that gas handle at the gas station…..
  4. Travel Size Dry Shampoo: My favorite to have after workouts!
  5. Makeup Samples: These are always fun to have in my bag! They are super small so they do not take up very much room, and they always come in handy when I need a quick make up touch up. 
  6. Tiny Perfume: So that you can refresh throughout the day.
  7. Comb: I don’t know about you guys, but my hair tends to look frazzled towards the end of the day. Since adding a full sized brush would be a little too much, I keep a comb in my purse to keep my hair calm and to add in a little teasing if necessary. 
  8. Hydrating Lip Balm : This MAC lip balm is the creamiest, and most hydrating lip balm you will ever use. I never leave home without it. Especially in the winter! 
  9. Concealer: Because you never know when you may need a little cover up. 
  10. Hair Tie // Hair Clip: These are always necessary to have on hand! I’m serious, no girl should ever leave home without at least one of these! It always seems like every time I need one, I can’t find one. So I have learned to always keep some in my bag! 

What do you guys keep in your bag??



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