Survey Update!!:)

Gray Jeans & Pink HeelsGray Jeans & Pink HeelsGray Jeans & Pink HeelsGray Jeans & Pink HeelsGray Jeans & Pink HeelsGray Jeans & Pink HeelsGray Jeans & Pink HeelsGray Jeans & Pink HeelsGray Jeans & Pink HeelsGray Jeans & Pink Heels

poncho old – similar // turtleneck  (cheaper) // jeans (cheaper) // heels (on sale!) // purse  (cheaper) // Raybans // lipstick

Happy Monday!

First off, I want to truly say thank you to everyone who completed the survey! I am kind of in complete shock and awe as to how many of you took the time to complete it. I mean, wow! You guys are awesome.

&&& I want to truly thank you for all of the kind words and uplifting encouragement.

I seriously loved every single response. Some of them made me teary eyed they were so sweet, and other’s truly made me LOL.

Most of you guys reallllllly want to see more home decor posts. This category blew the others out of the park. So I am working on this for you! I love home decor, and I have wanted to show you guys my apartment since I started LtoL. The reason I haven’t posted more is because the lighting in my apartment is weird….. like it gives off a “yellow” vibe….  aka not cute in pictures. Plus I’m an amateur photographer //  photo editor…… likkkke youtube is my bff haha! But I am learning everyday to bring you guys the highest quality!

On that same note, I will really work on making sure all of my links work! As well as linking more options to my clothing, like cheaper options for you all!:)

If there is anything you guys ever want to tell me, just comment on a post! Unlike email, comments can be anonymous, and I love hearing from you all!:)

Any who, if you follow my instagram (@lifetolauren), then you know that I spent the weekend in LA with my best girlfriends! My flight left this morning at 5:30 a.m  and exhaustion is an understatement….but it was so worth it! Needless to say, I’ll be detoxing for the rest of the week from all of the indulgence haha. I’ll do a post on the trip this week!



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