How to Strive for a Healthier & Happier 2016

Tip For A Happy & Healthy YearTip For A Happy & Healthy Year

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(1) Make your bed every morning before you leave.

(2) First thing in the morning, drink at least 16oz. of water.

(3) Listen to music as much as possible. Especially at your desk. It will instantly put you in a better mood.

(4) Find a devotional that you love, and read it everyday.

(5) Take the stairs. Especially if it’s only one or two stories.

(6) Try and walk ever single morning! Even if it’s only one walk around the block. It will do wonders for your mind and body!  I have started doing this & it’s completely changed how my day starts. All I do is walk Bentley once around the block, and it’s so easy & peaceful! It’s  also a great way to get your metabolism going.

(7)  In general, never underestimate the power of a nice long walk. It’s mind clearing, and ultimately relaxing.

(8) Never go more than two days without working out.

(9) Even on rest days, make sure you move. Clean your house, go to the mall, throw the ball for your pup. Just make sure your body gets some movement.

(10) Every weekend, dedicate one day to waking up at a decent hour to workout / have a productive day and then dedicate one day to sleep in and relax.

(11) Stay away from alcohol Monday – Wednesday. (& sometimes Sunday’s)

(12) Listen to your body! I cannot emphasize this one enough. If your sore, hurt, or sick. Take it easy. Your “leg day” can wait a day. Getting a work out in is not worth getting hurt over.

(13) Dress up for the gym. Yeah, I know. Say what you will. Buttt every time I feel put together at the gym & love my outfit, I 100% have a better workout.

(14) Start drinking my skinny detox drink before you eat breakfast. Game changer.

(15) Allow yourself one piece of dark chocolate every day.

(16) When eating out at restaurants, only eat half of your meal. Always.

(17) On pretty days, try your hardest to make it outside!

(18) Take off your make up every single night.

(19) Stop tanning in tanning beds, and start protecting your skin. If you love to be tan, find a spray tan place you love.

(20) Get in the habit of doing a skin care routine. Your future self will thank you!

That’s it!

Btw – how happy does Bentley look in those pictures ^^^ haha

I swear he loves me….

Have a great weekend you guys!!



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