Tips to Upgrade Your Closet this New Year

Life to Lauren Closet OrganizationGosh I love New Years. It’s just such a fun opportunity to start fresh, ya know?! This year, I wanted to start off fresh by organizing my closet. I gave a ton of clothes away to my little sister, put in all velvet hangers, and really just organized everything to create maximum space!

Let’s get started on my tips, shall we?

Life to Lauren Closet OrganizationOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Velvet Hangers 

Trade in your wire and plastics hangers that are making your closet look janky, for all velvet ones! I wish I had done a before and after picture of this, because the difference in my closet was astonishing!! I actually asked for a ton of velvet hangers for Christmas because I wanted to do this so badly haha and I have to say, I am MORE THAN happy with how my closet turned out. They are also the best because they do not take up as much room, and keep your clothes from constantly falling off of them.

Life to Lauren Closet Organization

Color Coordinate Your Closet

Do this, and your whole life will be changed for the better. Pinky promise.

I mean, my whole closet is categorized in general by short sleeves, long sleeves, coats & dress. I’m super Type A. But if you’re not, and you are looking for a little bit of organization in your life, then color coordinating all of your pieces could be a game changer for you.

Life to Lauren Closet Organization

One Front One Back Shoe Method

This shoe method will without a doubt save room in your closet. By doing this, I have been able to add an extra pair of shoes to each shelf!


 Hanging Shoe Bag

Perfect for all flats, sandals, and running shoes. These take up little space, but hold multiple pairs of shoes.


High Reach Garment Hook

Ya’ll. Game Changer. I’m already short (duh.) so this thing always comes in handy. But when I started handing all of my winter // long sleeve pieces that I keep on the next level up, this guy became my best friend. It makes it super easy to grab the clothes I need & then hang them up as well.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALife to Lauren Closet Organization

Every Purse Has It’s Place

I rotate purses. I have my summer purses, my winter purses, and then my “specific outfit” purses. For every purse I am not specifically using at a time, I put on the top shelve of my closet. Then the ones I am using, usually hang on my door for easy access.

Life to Lauren Closet Organization


Classy Storage Bags 

One of my favorite ways to decorate & organize my closet, is by utilizing old designer shopping bags. This Yurman bag was way to pretty to throw away, so instead I use it to store all the my clutches and/or bags that I only use on special occasions.

Life to Lauren Closet Organization

Fold All Sweaters & Jeans 

I feel like a grandma saying this, but doing this is a great way to maximize space & keep your clothes in the best condition. Have you ever noticed at department stores that they never hang their sweaters or jeans? That’s because they’re not mean’t to me hung. It makes them lose their shape over time. So if you want to keep them in tip top shape, try folding them instead!

Life to Lauren Closet Organization

Find A Home For All of Your Scarves 

Scarves can start to take up a lot of room over time….to the point where they can take over your entire closet lol. My suggestion is to find a basket that you like, and neatly roll them (not fold) so that they do not wrinkle, and are out of the way! Then all you have to do is push them back in the corner!

P1031101 copy.jpg

Add a Rug

I bought this super fluffy rug from Garden Ridge (or I guess Ihome now?? … weird) for super cheap and it instantly transformed my closet! I mean, I am no where near having the beloved “office closet” but this rug does make me feel that much closer

So there you go!!! Those are my tips!

Now if I could just get Colton to do all of this for his closet…..:)

Oh & don’t forget, I am closing the survey Friday!



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