Your Personal Health & Fitness Kickstart for 2016


   It’s the first week of 2016, which means you’re most likely trying to “up” your workout game.

I shared with you guys yesterday my personal grocery list, so today I thought I would share my personal workout guide!

Especially since I get a lot of questions on what exactly my workout routine is.

If you click on each workout, it will direct you to each workouts very own page. They are workouts I have shared in the past, but that I have modified to replicate more of what I have been doing more recently.

My workouts consist of lifting weights 4x a week, then straight cardio 2x a week and 1 rest day.

Weights: Weights are done Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

Cardio: Cardio is completed on Wednesday’s and then once on the weekend.  My preferred choice of cardio is either running, or spin class. I mix it up, but I try to do them both at least once a week for at least 45 minutes. To see my running guide, click here!

Rest Days: One day, usually on the weekend, but I always rest when I know my body needs it.

On each individual page, if you are not sure as how to do a certain workout, click on each workout and you’ll be directed to an instructional video.

Life to Laurens Workout Guide

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Sat // Sun

Leg Day






Back Day


Arms & Chest


Cardio or Rest


This is pretty much the exact routine I have been using for 5 years. Some weeks I jump in and do Kayla Itsines guide, or I learn new moves and incorporate them into my own!

It’s all about what your body wants. Workouts are supposed to be fun!

Each work out consists of (1) 5-10 min Warm up (2) weighted sets performed 4x each (3) 15-20 minute end of work out cardio.

You’ll start to notice that in each set, I give 3 “weighted” stationary workouts , and then one that is high intensity, like jump squats or burpees. This kind of resemble Kayla Instine’s method.  Your body knows what it wants & it’s always fun to mix it up. The whole point of the high intensity exercises thrown into each set is to get your heart rate up while you’re lifting.

Also, if you click on the “fitness link” on my control panel, you’ll see that next to it, it will say “My Fitness Guide”. This will take you directly to this exact page, as well as my grocery list! I tried my hardest to make this as easiest as possible for you guys to access!



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